If you look from a developer’s perspective, not all plugins are equal. During WordPress Web Development, a developer can always spot a difference between two plugins that are created to perform similar tasks.

Most developers love WordPress plugins as they make web development simple, easy, and stress-free. The developers’ community is constantly buzzing about which plugins are better and how to work with them. However, ten best and useful plugins can work wonders for your WordPress website.

Best Plugins for WordPress Web Development


So much more than just a plugin, Elementor is one of the most popular website builders, and definitely the most popular WordPress site builder.

If you have your set on a winning WordPress site but either can’t or don’t want to code, You’re going to want to consider using Elementor.

With its intuitive drag and drop editor, 90+ widgets and hundreds of designer made templates, just about anyone can create the website they’ve always dreamed of.

Best of all, it offers an extensive free plan!

Theme Check:

It is a plugin that allows developers to rate their themes against the best practices and coding standards of WordPress themes. With Theme Check, you can analyze and evaluate whether the new theme complies with current coding standards and other requirements for functionality purposes.

It checks different files such as licenses, author information, theme screenshot, and several others. If you are eager to develop WordPress themes that match the standards of WordPress without any coding errors, this plugin can help you a lot!

or you can hire a professional web developer for this.

User Switching:

You can refer to it as a developers’ best friend as it saves time. Do you often have to log in and log out of your site just to see how your site appears to others? If yes, then User Switching is your go-to plugin. You can switch roles smoothly without wasting a minute.

With User Switching, you can shift from one registered user to another just to see how your website appears to the general public. When you install and activate the plugin, a new menu will appear in the WordPress admin bar, “Switch off.” Click on the button and seamlessly switch users within a few seconds.

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Query Monitor:

Are you an everyday developer constantly wanting to make debugging an effortless task? Query Monitor is your solution! It has all the advanced features that no other debugging plugin could offer. It is super useful when it comes to debugging both WordPress themes and plugins.

A toolbar will appear on your admin bar after installation and activation. As a result, you can continuously monitor query data such as HTTP requests, Php error, Ajax calls, and much more. Every developer must try this plugin so as to witness its power and ease of use.

RTL Tester:

Every WordPress theme developer has to deal with a large, global clientele range. As a user community, what you must pay attention to is the one that writes and reads from right-to-left (RTL). RTL Tester is created to cater to this community of users.

You will have a button on your site admin bar from where you can switch the content between the right and left direction of the text. The plugin helps a lot when it comes to testing WordPress plugins and themes with RTL right to left text direction.

Debug Bar:

It is yet another debugging plugin that provides you with a debug menu on your admin bar. It shows query, cache, and other essential information for debugging. With just a single click, you can see all the queries, memory usage, etc. Debug bar also shows notices and warnings, but you will have to ensure that you have enabled WordPress error-reporting in the wp-config.php.

Regenerate Thumbnails:

With this plugin, the developer can easily regenerate any thumbnail from the site image library in any size of preference. Just a single click, and your thumbnail is regenerated! Now that is time-saving, right?

If you are in search of such a plugin that can save you from generating thumbnails individually, install Regenerate Thumbnail today, and have an efficient assistant by your side.

Log Deprecated Notices:

It is sometimes difficult to follow all the functions that get deprecated with each update of the WordPress version. But the good news is that there is a plugin that can do this job for you and save your time. Log Deprecated Notices lists all functions and plugins that get deprecated with a version update, so you know what to do also, it provides good alternatives which make it the best option.

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Debug This:

Now you can see a WordPress installation’s frontend via the admin bar with almost forty-nine modes of debugging. Debug this allows you to render page analysis for JavaScript and CSS. Also, you can debug sidebars, widgets, and menu. It comes with a good range of PHP modes that have defines classes, constants, functions, and so much more. Save your time and stop worrying about having to run complex tests and hardcore debug scripts.


It is a plugin that helps in testing your WordPress development environment. Developer run checks and ensures that configuration of a development environment is healthy, including constants, plugins, and other settings. These individuals can continue developing by optimizing their development environment and ensuring the installation of useful plugins and tools.

Advanced Custom Fields:

It is an ideal solution for all developers who are searching for a way to build a content management system using WordPress in a short time. Advanced Custom Fields allows the creation of various visual fields while offering you a good range of input types like date picker, radio buttons, post object, links, image file, text area, and many more.

With this plugin, you can easily build a CMS without having to worry about coding files. It uses a native WordPress custom post type and provides a limitless solution for flexibility.

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Millions of plugins are available today that help developers perform complex tasks in WordPress web development process in minimal time with efficiency. However, the above ten plugins have proved to be the best among all. These plugins allow developers to stay one step ahead in the web development process. There are also other useful plugins, but the thing is that each developer has his preferences and work accordingly. You can visit this site for more information about working with vetted WordPress developers.

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