10 Myths about the Covid19 Vaccines That Are True or Not

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Imagine getting locked in the four walls of your house for one, long year because of a virus outbreak. From going out every weekend to your favourite restaurant, to surviving on your mom’s healthy homemade recipes. And finally, after a whole year, you see a ray of hope, in the face of an experimental vaccine. You think to yourself that this is your final chance at living a joyful life, liberated from the chains of quarantine! But then, you open your TV to come across claims such as the virus would turn you into a flesh-eating zombie? How would you feel? Not the best. Well, as dumb as it sounds, this is just one of the many myths floating around in the world around.

Top 10 Myths Debunked:

These myths have taken over the online realm by storm. Whoever surfs the internet is at risk of getting misinformed, whether it’s someone who’s looking for best dissertation writing services or someone who just wants to know the best restaurant in town. Here, we have exposed the top ten myths surrounding COVID19 vaccines:

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1) COVID19 will alter the DNA of People:

As believable as it sounds, this is again, a myth. If you want to get the best assignment writing service on the internet, you would have to log on to their website first, right? In the same way, to interact with the DNA, vaccine material must enter the nucleus first, which it does not. How can the material affect the DNA without even reaching it?

2) You will get positive results on the viral test if you get vaccinated:

None of the authorized vaccines can make you test positive on a viral test, which is a test used to see if you have a current infection. However, if you test positive on an antibody test, that is a different debate. An antibody test suggests any sort of immunity developed because of exposure to the virus in the past.

3) If you have already been exposed to the virus, there is no need to get vaccinated:

A vaccine provides better protection than having had the virus already. Besides, COVID19 tests are not always 100% accurate.  In the beginning, when there weren’t enough technical resources, people were diagnosed based on their symptoms only without a test.

4) The vaccines can cause long term complications:

There is not going to be any long-term impact of the vaccine. All the effects are going to be short-term and within minutes or hours of getting vaccinated. A mild fever, headaches, and body pain can last for a day or two but there is no long-term impairment in question.

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5) If you have any underlying condition, you should not get tested:

People who suffer from conditions such as diabetes and heart diseases are at more risk of having serious complications if they get the virus. This is all the more reason to get vaccinated.

6) People with compromised immunity should not get vaccinated:

People who are auto-immune because of a history of cancer or any auto-immune disease should get vaccinated. They might not get as much protection as someone with a normal immunity but it will at least offer protection to some extent.

7) Vaccines can cause infertility:

This is one of those senseless myths which have no logic whatsoever backing it up, in any way. Women who are in labour can suffer through miscarriages or go into premature labour if they somehow get infected with the virus. Again, all the more reason to get vaccinated.

8) Pregnant women should not get vaccinated:

If you are pregnant, you are in the group of people who should be vaccinated urgently like the healthcare workers. It does not make you any less suitable to get vaccinated.

9) Throw that mask away once you are vaccinated:

You must still practice wearing a mask and social distancing, not everyone around you is vaccinated.

10) Vaccines were developed using fetal tissue:

None of the authorized vaccines contains fetal cells and nor were they used in the production of it.


A 16-year-old living in some town in London, typing ‘cheap essay writing help UK’ in the search bar, would also do thorough research before settling for the one who will get his work done. If a young kid can do some research before jumping on to a conclusion, we can also do the same before believing in any absurd information.

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