10 Online Teaching Tools to Enrich Your Virtual Classroom

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Teaching is the best profession for many people. Teaching helps you in sharing knowledge and allows you to change millions of lives. It gives you a chance to get lifelong learning and helps you to exercise your creativity. As technology is evolving day to day teaching practices, have also changed. The way of sharing knowledge and explaining things has changed, which is very much different from the traditional teaching methods.

Everything is going online, and imparting education is also moved to the internet. Now, tutors are also tilting to the digital world, where they need different online teaching tools to enrich their virtual grade school. However, emerging technology isn’t handy for everyone that lacks the potential to deliver the best learning experience to their students.

To help all the noble education contributors and effectively manage their virtual classrooms, we have prepared here a list of 10 tools. It will help you in enriching your teaching capabilities as well as provide the best learning experience to your students.

10 best online teaching that helps you to upgrade your virtual classroom

To run an interactive and effective online classroom program, many well-engineered tools are required. And sometimes, a single classroom management tool is compact with all the essential features to make your job smooth. Let’s go through the best online tools that will help you to manage your online classroom with less learning curve.

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1] Google Classroom

Google Classroom is the best app for teachers and students; that gives a channel to connect and makes file sharing easier between educators and learners. You can store assignments and help teachers to grade them effectively once submitted.

2] Livestorm

Livestorm is a video conferencing platform that helps you to engage with students, communicate, and to show documents, maps, etc. Live chats, screen sharing, online quizzes, and question upvotes are the key features of Livestorm.

3] Slack

Slack is a screen-sharing app that helps you to share the screen with your student or learner. You can use Slack for showing pictures, co-browsing, document demonstration, and writing on a whiteboard in a live online class.

4] Dobeco

Dobeco is an application that helps in managing the learning management system of your virtual class, and it is based on the Sharable Content Object Reference Model that helps to share and upload the content for learners. It includes virtual classrooms, micro-learning, webinars, and gamification.

5] Edmodo

Edmodo is the best application that comes with a learning management system as well as a virtual learning environment. Here you can create assignments and quizzes for the students so that they can easily access your lessons and uploaded documents. Students can even do cross-questioning with you or other educators or classmates.

6] Moodle

This is another best application that comes with the combination of a learning management system and a virtual learning environment. Moodle offers you to maintain your course administration and deployment with assignments, grading, surveys, forums, in-platform quizzes, chats, etc.

7] Animoto

Animoto is a perfect application that helps you to enrich your digital classroom. It gives you the option to create teaching videos and presentations. You can attach images, text, video clips, etc., using this app. If you are looking for an app that helps to make teaching videos, slides, and presentations, then Animoto will be best for you.

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8] Smilebox

If you want to make an engaging tutorial slide to make the virtual classroom experience better, then you can go with the Smilebox application. Using this application, you can make slides by adding images, selecting the template, add music within a few minutes.

9] MySimpleShow

Nowadays, animated videos are very trending for educational purposes. Most teachers, whether they teach offline or virtually, use animated content to explain different topics to their students. If you want to make animated educational tutorial videos by yourself, then, MySimpleShow will be perfect for you.

10] Teacher Kit

Teacher kit is the best app that helps in your virtual classroom management. It helps in taking attendance recording student information such as grades, payment, and performance, etc. It is the best app through which you can take an overview of the student.

To Wrap Up

Virtual teaching has brought a revolution in the education industry. Approximately 90% of the educators and learners have moved towards the virtual classroom, and the remaining 10% are still struggling because they don’t know how to use these online tools for their virtual classroom program. The above app can help you to become an ideal maestro by organizing and managing things efficiently so that there will be no barrier in conducting an engaging and well-managed virtual classroom.

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