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Among the reasons why most people don’t use PDF as their file format is because it is hard managing a PDF file. Sometimes, it’s a hassle using such a file format since some other platforms can’t read it easily. And since PDF file format is becoming the standard format, especially in some work, it is now commonly used by most people handling files or documents digitally.

Despite everything, PDF Bear is a software that exists online to help you with your PDF problems. Through its excellent features, you can merge, protect, compress, unlock, convert, and split your PDFs, and fixes any problem if there is. Here are PDF Bear tools that you should know for future reference.

Split PDF

The first in our list is the Split PDF tool of PDF Bear. This tool helps you split PDF into pages in an easy and fast way. This function can either pull out one particular page from the PDF file or split your PDF file’s individual pages. It is a useful tool if ever there’s a problem in your PDFs or on a particular page of your document, and it needs fixing.

You can also transfer the split pages into a fresh PDF file creating a new PDF for the original pages. Among the good thing about this function is that it will not hassle you from scanning the pages one by one because you can preview all the pages. By that, you can decide what you want to extract or whatnot in the file.

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Convert PDF

Since not all people are used to handling PDF as a file format for a document, PDF Bear can also help you turn your PDF into file formats like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, JPG, and a lot more. And the great things don’t end with that, because you can also do converting of files vice versa. Conversion is not a problem with PDF Bear since they specialize in that feature. PDFs are converted with ease within a matter of seconds and with only a few clicks.

In addition to the superb functions of PDF Bear, you can also convert multiple files to or from PDF in a simultaneous manner, which is an excellent advantage if you have a lot of files to convert. You will surely not experience even a bit of a hassle by using this software.

Compress PDF

Most PDF files have large sizes, which is burdensome to most people if they encounter such a file, especially to individuals who do not frequently use a PDF file format. This compress PDF will shrink the file size of 1GB to 70% of it. This efficient tool is free to use, and that you will not spend a single cent using it. However, even if the function is free, the output’s quality is not affected by reducing the file size, meaning it remains as if it’s the original file, with no blur and deleted words.

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PDF Bear uses advanced technology that no other software can do. Compressing your large file is the right choice, most importantly, if the means of sharing or giving out information or data is via web or email. Why is it better to compress large sized files while sending it out? Because it will not delay your work, and it will upload your files fastly.


Having to work with a PDF format is manageable if you have the right and excellent tools; your PDF problems will be lesser. PDF Bear will give you a hassle-free life, and aside from the many features or tools that it has, this software is also safe and secure to use. Files uploaded to their site are automatically removed, and no one can access it.

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