3 Things I Learned Eating Alone at Restaurants For a Week


Before leaving with an 8-month journey to educate and eat all things in France, Used to do what any self-respecting millennial would do: scoured Instagram which are more charming French villages which i absolutely couldn’t leave without visiting. But because the finish of time abroad came near, there is still one destination I’d yet to mix from the list:


Because none of my buddies could join, I’d two options: avoid the chance around the bet that I’ll allow it to be there sometime later in existence, or pass myself.

Although I pride myself on becoming an independent, self-reliant person, the thought of traveling, sightseeing, and dining solo for an entire week abroad was greater than mildly intimidating.

Could it be even safe to visit alone like a girl? Will people think I’ve no buddies? Wait – performs this really mean I’ve no buddies? Are you able to even make a booking for just one? Who’ll watch my luggage after i enter in the stall to pee?

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However for every voice within my mind convincing me to not, there is a level more powerful voice saying go for it . – as well as a slew of images from the staggeringly beautiful snow-capped Alps and very-obvious blue of Lake Annecy. So for much better or worse, I billed full steam ahead – just me, myself, and that i. And during the period of five solo breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, I learned a great deal about myself.


1. Clumsiness is ok

For that first, say, 10-fifteen minutes, recption menus was there to draw attention away from me. But when I purchased with no longer had something to physically “do” with my hands, clumsiness would quickly occur.

2. Its not necessary to hurry

Inside a culture that demands productivity, that propels us through numerous to-do lists, which asks us constantly what we should did on that day, time spent “being” instead of “doing” is frequently connected having a sting of self-indulgent guilt. But on a trip alone, I had been afforded the posh to a single thing I needed, meaning two-plus hrs were spent savoring my coq au vin, utilizing a hearty slice of crusty baguette to wipe home plate clean. Every decision I made was of my very own accord, and that i found myself basking within this temporary window of justified self-indulgence to merely “be” at each meal.

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3. There’s an enormous amount of distinction between loneliness and solitude

Also it was intimidating. Frightening, even. However this time alone at restaurants permitted me to actually think, and trained me how you can not only be okay with being alone, but to thrive from this. By the finish of my trip, the first feelings of loneliness changed into ones of productive solitude.

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