3 Tips You Need To Know When Wearing Sexy Tops

sexy crop tops

Have you ever wondered sexy crop tops why some women always get the attention they want when they are at parties while others don’t get any stares? No, it’s not always about how you look but about how you dress.

Personally, I ( Jurllyshe ) think wearing sexy tops is one of the most powerful ways to get the attention of men and women when you are at a social event. They’re also easy to mix and match – you’ll almost certainly look gorgeous with the right makeup and accessories.

Here are three tips from Jurllyshe that I’m going to share with you on how to wear a sexy top:

  1. There are many types of sexy tops, and one of my favorites is the ‘off the shoulder top.’ Wearing this will make you look not only sophisticated but also extremely sexy. You can wear this with skinny jeans or pants. For shoes, you can wear an ankle strap or flat sandals.
  2. Another easy top to match is the corset. I just love corset tops because you can easily pair them with jeans, skirts, or even shorts. It’s a bit edgy because the bust area is usually accented with sexy lace that emphasizes cleavage. You can look really stylish with a necklace. The pearl necklace would be fantastic. You may even want to curl your hair if you want to look even more sophisticated.
  3. Another type of sexy top that I would recommend is the sexy crop tops. The tube top is great if you are looking to hit the club because it will give you a young and energetic look.

Do you know why many women have insecurities when they date their boyfriend? It’s because they don’t dress appropriately and don’t have the confidence to sport the look just barely there. Sexy tops plus the right mix of makeup, hairstyle, and accessories will make your man’s eyes stop looking at another woman.

Here’s a simple step on how you can mix and match clothes, makeup, and accessories with your sexy tops. Use your assets to get your guy’s attention back.

For our main piece, why not buy a sheer corset top?

 It is perfect for jeans, skirts or sexy shorts. The bust is accentuated with sexy bows, and the neckline will be emphasized well. It’s a bit sassy and kind of a “country girl look.” You can combine it with accessories such as a piece of wood. A pearl necklace can also make the corset look elegant. The style can be based on your personality. You can combine the sexy summer dresses with a black or red pencil-shaped skirt, and the necklace can be made of bronze, black or white pearl. Your hair can be curled. You can put winged eyeliners on your upper eyelid and red lipstick for the finishing touch.

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Another really sophisticated but sexy look is sexy off the shoulder tops. I love to mix them with shorts and skinny pants. They are in excellent combination with white, black, and denim jeans. Shoes can be flats or beaded sandals with ankle straps. You will love how loose off-shoulder tops can bring that sexy yet sophisticated look inside of you. The hair can be a bit curly with braided bangs or gem-encrusted thin headbands.


If you are a bit demure and do not want to show off your skin but still want your boyfriend’s eyes to stop looking at other women, you may consider buying a tube while wearing sexy tops, but of course, it will decrease the sensuality of the part higher. If you can’t take care of your upper torso, then you need to show off some sexy legs to compensate. Sexy tops with a deep cut in the front can be combined with tubes. Choose a design that has a revealing back. It can be a knit or sheer design on the back. You will love the crochet style on the back; it is a triple “S,” sexy, simple, and sophisticated.

Whether you accept it or not, men fantasize all the time. It is your choice if you want to be your own boy’s fantasy or if you want another woman to play with your boyfriend’s imagination. Use her assets and reinvent yourself. Build your confidence and wear those sexy tops. Dare to be naked in sexy tops.

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Get noticed and show off your style!

There are many different types of sexy tops. There are different styles and colors that are sure to attract attention. Choose a style that best suits the occasion. For a date, party, or other social functions, you can’t go wrong when you pair a flattering skirt or sexy summer dresses or pants with a sexy top. It’s easy to find sexy tops for a formal or casual look.

Nothing says sexy like a sexy low cut top. A sexy low-cut top will get you noticed every time because it shows off a bit of tantalizing cleavage. By wearing one, you are saying look at me because I am confident I am beautiful, and I love my body.

There is a sensual quality to a sexy top that is off the shoulders. The sleeves wrap around the upper arms exposing the shoulders and upper back. All that smooth, exposed skin demands attention, and any man in your vicinity is likely to look your way. Another great look for this blouse is a long haircut that barely touches the shoulders. The tips of your silky hair brushing against your shoulders as you move to the sensuality of the look. This look says: I am romantic, I am sensual, and I am sexy. Another sultry look is the off the shoulder look with a sleeve. One-shoulder covered and the other bare. This look says: I am creative, daring, and individualistic!

Therefore, the fact that the market is down is not a reason for me to stop going to town. In tough times, a girl needs to party her and stay sexy to relieve stress and stay on top of her game. So if she keeps her eyes open and looks for great deals, her stocks will always be on the rise.

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