3 Ways On How To Buy The Perfect Gas Heater

Gas Heater

Everything is transforming due to global warming. So, how do you stay safe from the cold in this changing atmosphere? One solution – gas heater installation– is an effective and efficient way to heat your space.

The government has introduced gas heaters to improve the air quality in large spaces, but do you know how to buy them?

All you need to do is analyse the size, type, and health standard compliance, and you’re good to go. Here’s an in-depth look into the considerations before buying a gas heater.

1. Know the Sizes and Analyse the Running Costs

After deciding to buy a gas heater, the first thing to consider is its size. You should refrain from overspending larger gas heaters if unnecessary for your space. At the same time, investing in a cheap one would be bad for your health.

Either you will buy something that makes your room extremely hot or something that does not heat your space efficiently.

To balance these two, you must analyse the warming capacity to determine the size of the heater. How quickly can it heat an average room size? If your chosen gas heater answers the question, then you are good to go.

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As a rule of thumb, your gas heater installation process should analyse the room based on this measurement “1 kWh would heat 10 square meters.”

Remember: Wasting money on higher and upfront ongoing costs is not worth it.

2. Understand the Gas Heater Types

Once you have determined the size of the unit, the next thing to do is understand the type you need. Essentially, Australia has two types of gas heaters:

  • Portable (Unflued): Not only are these easier to move, but they also feature higher efficiency. You can get instant heating features even if these are cheaper. Besides, the carbon emission is lower, and the unit has numerous safety features.

(Note: They is illegal in bedrooms)

  • Non-Portable (Flued): Most heating effectiveness is similar to the portable one, but the most significant difference is that it can work efficiently in your bedroom. The emissions are minimal risk though it is more expensive than the portable ones.

Now, based on your requirements, commercial or personal, you can choose the gas heater type.

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3. Health Standard Compliance

You should only proceed with your gas heater installation process if the unit meets Australian gas emission standards. Your heater should have an authentic stamp that proves the unit’s commitment to minimising contaminants in the air.

A faulty or cheap heater will let harmful gas particles into your space, affecting your health.

Getting a flued gas heater would be wise because it emits less dangerous particles into your indoor air. Even then, look for a unit that complies with all the health standards and has the size required to heat your space.

Gas heater installation can be an easy process if you understand the considerations. The best type of heater should resonate with your heating requirements and room. The sizing of the heater must correctly fit the location too.

The device you are investing in must comply with all the Australian safety standards of gas appliances. Remember to choose a device that features an easy installation process.

It would help if you did not DIY the installation process since it requires professionalism to work more effectively.

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