30 Deez Nuts Unique Jokes

Deez Nuts

One of the buzzing words used frequently by the United States residents is the “Deez Nuts” phrase. In the year 1992, the phrase “Deez Nuts” was heard on “The Chronic” album that Dr. Dree created. In the album, he said “Deez Nuts,” and after creating the album, the phrase gained the international limelight. By the year 1993, the phrase started to appear in many songs. Below are the 30 unique Deez Nuts Jokes.

Joke 1

Teacher: You will score D’s in all the units you are taking.

Student: All right, I will also give you D’s.

Teacher: What do you want to mean?

Student: Hahaha! Deez nuts!

Joke 2

Hello, your friends say that you are a huge dee fan.

What do you mean?

Deez nuts!

Ooh, I thought it was the Dexter’s Laboratory’s, Dee Dee!

Joke 3

Have you ever heard of London?

Where is London?

Fall, trip, and the Landon Deez nuts!

Take care not to land into your friend’s nuts!

Joke 4

If you don’t shut up, you are likely to end up like your friend ken.

Who are you talking about?

I will make your mouth fit, Deez nut!

I do not want to end up like the poor ken!

Joke 5

Do you want to say that you are thirsty or hungry?

Yes, I am hungry and thirsty.

So you would like to have some Deez nuts?

Joke 6

And what did the wind do to the palm tree?

It was not an ordinary blow job. Hold your Deez nuts!

Joke 7

Do you like pudding?

Of course yes

Well, what about pudding some Deez nuts into your mouth?

Joke 8

He got into the bar with a pirate walk as his steering wheel was attached to the Deez.

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When the Bartender asked him about that, the pirate said, Argh, it is driving my nuts.

Joke 9

The squirrel did a backstroke. Why?

He needed to keep his Deez nuts dry.

Joke 10

Do you like squirrels, young girl?

Tell me because I am almost nutting your hole.

Joke 11

Honey is like “Meth”; What do I like?

I need some Deez Nuts

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Joke 12

Stop gagging on the Deez Nuts for a while

Joke 13

Have you ever heard about Willy?

He is known for sucking Deez nuts.

Joke 14

Wife: Are you aware of what can make me happy?

Me: When the Deez nuts get into your chin?!?

Joke 15

What is your favorite meme available online?

Deez nuts!

Wa! I like them!

Joke 16

What types of nuts do get poor grades?

Deez nuts!

Joke 17

Are you leaving, man?

Leaving what?

Leaving Deez nut in your mouth

Joke 18

Ask your friend, “would you like to see BofA?”

Get a response as “Why not?”

You then call out, “BofA Deez Nuts!”

Joke 19

“Honey is like “Meth,” However, I will be like, “What do you mean.”

Need some CDs: I will be like, “What Deez Nuts!”

Joke 20

Me: Are you in love with parodies?

The victims: Sometimes, I am.

Me: How is it possible for you to like Deez NUTS mouth?

Joke 21

Do you want to use CDs and tape?

For what purpose?

So that you can see Deez Nuts!

Joke 22

On the weekend, I bought guh

What do you mean by guh?

It is simply a guzzle Deez nut!

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Joke 23

What did the nuts say to each other?

My mouth fits the Candice Deez nuts.

Joke 24

Kindly let me know if you Bofa?

Do what?? I do not Bofa Deez nuts

Joke 25

Did you meet Philip, your friend?


Philip the Deez Nuts.

Joke 26

Are you aware of the people who will be attending our party?

Yes, It is Dee

Who is Dee

Deez nut.

Joke 27

Do you like Paradis Venessa?

Yes, I do

What about Deez nuts?

Joke 28

Have you heard about the latest news?

No, inform me, please.

Well, London, fit Deez nuts into your mouth.

Joke 29

Do you like parodies?

Very much, why do you ask?

What if you enjoy a pair of Deez nuts on your chin!

Joke 30

Have you not seen the Bofa film?

What? What is in it?

The Bofa Deez nuts.

In conclusion, people forgot about this phrase after some time, but the phrase spiked again in 2015 after an Instagram user posted some Deez Nuts Joke video to one of his friends. After a small period of time, the video became viral on the internet. After Deez became a presidential candidate for the United States election, the phrase became more viral. Infact, after Trump and Clinton, Deez nut had the most votes in the Unites States Presidental Election.

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