4 Most Common Mistakes Attempted During Filing Workers Comp Claim

Compensation claim

As you file for Worker’s Compensation claim, there are several mistakes that could prevent you from obtaining your benefits. The whole process is quite a complicated one and frustrating too. Your lawyer plays a vital role in helping you get the benefits you are entitled to but, by avoiding these mistakes, the process becomes a lot easier.

When injured and trying to submit a claim for your benefits, there is a huge load of paperwork that you need to sort out. The whole system is an elaborate one and, one mistake can cause a lot of issues like not getting your benefits. Know your rights and, here are some common mistakes that could be easily avoided by being cautious.

Not Taking The Initiative Of Reporting Your Injury

In different states and countries, the time period to file a claim can vary so does time till which you could file your injury. Some states offer the benefit of filing for a claim, even one year after the injury, though claiming for benefits gets difficult with time.

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It is always a wise decision to report your medical injury to your employer as soon as possible and that too in writing. A written report of injury offers a set date and time of injury and a clear timeline; otherwise, it might be termed not so serious. Filing for your injury or illness is an important step towards getting compensation benefits.

Not Opting For Doctor Consultation

Not visiting a doctor and seeking medical attention might give your employer the idea that you are not severely injured. A mistake like avoiding medical attention should be avoided as compensation mainly includes benefits to treat injury.

Medical attention is necessary both for your injury as well as your claim to get financial compensation. Some companies might require you to visit doctors that have been pre-approved by the company. If there is no proof of injury being treated, the company might close your case without offering any benefits.

Returning and Engaging In Physical Work Soon

Returning to the office too soon after you have received medical attention can be used against you and jeopardize your compensation benefits. Even when the company notifies you to join soon, discuss it with your injury lawyer always.

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Taking part in physical activities like driving, walking even though you have been prescribed to rest might risk your claim. Always consult with your lawyer before posting anything online, as it could be used against you.

Do Not Sign Documents Without Consulting Your Lawyer

The insurance company might take up many tactics and make you confused and intimidated. Without reviewing what is in the document, never sign anything, especially when coaxed by your company or the insurance company.

Insurance companies might try to give you a lower settlement, but you deserve more. You can never go back and reclaim your compensation benefits once the signature has been done; therefore, always be cautious.

The compensation that you would be getting offers you the cost for your medical treatment. Not hiring an experienced injury lawyer might cause you too much hassle later as the case develops. You can make the best decision for yourself when it comes to claiming compensation with your lawyer by your side.

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