4 Tips for A Safe Boat Riding Experience with Your Pup

Boat Riding

If the thought of swimming can make you shiver, then consider boating. Also, if your pet pooch loves to float in a boat rather than soak in the water, try a boat ride with your pup. Your little pupper can benefit significantly from exposure to adventurous activities close to nature. Such events can provide your furry baby with splendid physical, mental, and emotional stimulation opportunities.

At the same time, not all dogs are fond of recreational sports having to do with water. Some pups find them annoying, and they and others may be unwilling to engage in water pursuits. If your pup is new to water pursuits, they should be given basic swimming lessons weeks before the eventful day arrives. Also, ensure your fur baby is protected with a life vest and neck float just in case they fall out of the boat.

Consider being prepared with pet health insurance, so you have a medical financial backup during puppy accidents, injuries, health emergencies, and more. Dog insurance can cover your furry friend’s healthcare in the scenarios mentioned above and in times of specific illnesses, allergies, dental diseases, etc.

While considering buying affordable pet health insurance, read this article to know how to keep your furry precious safe on exciting, potentially risky boat rides.

1.Let puppy explore the boat

Allow your puppy to smell every inch of the boat or ship both of you will be tripping on while it is still on the docks. Help your pup learn common boat noises by playing out the sound bites repeatedly, much before you guys embark on a water journey.

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Also, you can take your puppy on little boat rides in lakes or rivers before taking them on a full-fledged oceanic cruise. Additionally, you can buy pet products like ramps or puppy ladders to aid your pup while getting in and out of small water transports like boats.

2.Give puppy enough water to drink

A boat ride on a hot day calls for access to plenty of fresh water. Provide your puppy with sufficient water through the journey, so they don’t suffer dehydration or heatstroke. Never give your furry baby lake/sea water to drink; it may not be a safe water source. Sometimes boat rides can be long and tiring, which is why you must have some water bottles and dog food that you can readily offer your puppy in the travel bag.

3.Wrap your puppy in a life vest

Pet safety gear can be the need of the hour. Some dogs don’t know how to swim, and other swimming pros may fall into the water when caught off-guard. So, buy a top quality dog life vest with features like handles, reflective straps, D-ring, etc., that can make spotting your floating pup easier. Also, don’t forget to carry a puppy first-aid kit when going on a long haul.

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4.Protect your four paws from the sun

Create a shady place for your pup on the deck. So your puppy doesn’t get exhausted due to the hot ball over its head. You can consider buying umbrellas or pet-safe sunscreen lotions to keep your furry baby’s tender paws and other exposed body parts shielded from the sun’s heat.

Most pups naturally paddle on falling into a water body, but their survival can depend on their swimming skills. A boat ride can come with as many dangers as pleasures. And to deal with pet risks associated with a venturesome activity like boating, you must consider purchasing a dog insurance policy. Pet health insurance can help support your pupper with top-notch medical care at economical costs. Providing your pup with timely medical aid need not be a financially cumbersome affair anymore, so explore pet policies now!

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