5 best romantic flowers to send on anniversary

Romantic celebrations are quite incomplete without flowers. These fragrant gifts from Mother Nature make everything beautiful and attractive. Before you order and send flowers to your girlfriend, husband, or partner, or get some floral decorations for the occasion, find out about the best and most romantic flowers out there to make your celebrations more special and meaningful.

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  1. Classic Roses


Romance and Rose are almost synonymous for us, isn’t it? Well, you simply cannot ignore the charm and power of Red Roses in a romantic event. Red roses signify strong love, passionate romantic feelings, and an everlasting relationship. Plus the beauty and smell of these perennial flowers speak for themselves. This is why Roses are so adored since eternity. A bunch of long-stemmed Red Roses as an anniversary gift will be so perfect!

  1. Traditional Lilies


Big and bright lilies come second in our list of romantic flowers. Pink Stargazer Lilies, White Calla Lilies, or Yellow Peruvian Lilies, all will look adorable adorning your dinner table as a centerpiece. The charm and appeal of lilies depend on its bright and vibrant colors. Lilies symbolize purity, femininity, and fertility. That’s why if you plan to send flowers to your wife or girlfriend for your anniversary, a big bouquet of lilies will look awesome.

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  1. Gorgeous Carnations


Although Carnations (specially white ones) are traditionally associated with motherly love, red and pink carnations are also extremely popular as romantic gifts. Get anniversary flowers delivery from SnapBlooms by ordering from the comfort of your home and celebrate your special day in style!

  1. Unique Orchids


Orchids and exotic tropical flowers have become extremely popular in the last few decades, and are now also considered very romantic. Cymbidium Orchids, Purple Mokara Orchids, Phalaenopsis Orchids, or exotic flowers like Red Ginger Flowers and Yellow-orange Birds of Paradise will look great as interior decorations on your anniversary.

If you want to gift your significant other a special floral bouquet, include these colorful and vibrant flowers in the mix, along with any other traditional flowers, or just go with a big bunch of Orchids alone. We assure you that your partner will be beyond impressed!

  1. Bright Sunflowers


And finally, Sunflowers make great anniversary presents. Sunflowers stay fresh for a long time (about 4 weeks). So, getting a gift bouquet of sunflowers will allow you to enjoy their beauty for weeks. Furthermore, sunflowers signify love, happiness, and a new beginning, in short, all the things that we associate with anniversaries. So, sunflowers will make great meaningful gifts on occasions like an anniversary.

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Bonus: You can also include flowers like Gerbera Daisies, Peonies, Chrysanthemums, Tulips, and Hydrangeas in your romantic flower decoration. Flowers in Pink, Red, White, and Blue will look especially pretty in a romantic setting.

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