5 Essential Small Business Videos You Can Add To Your Marketing Strategy

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Business owners need to apply the right marketing strategies. One small mistake can create a big blunder. Moreover, especially if you plan to get started with your video content. With endless videos over the web already, making your unique identity while maintaining your brand image can be tedious.

Adding video marketing to your list of obligations is probably the last thing you want to do, especially if you have no experience with video and do not know where to begin.

Many small company owners and entrepreneurs are afraid to employ video marketing because they believe it is too difficult, time-consuming, or costly. If you think this, you are not alone. Sixteen per cent of non-video marketers say they do not utilise video marketing because they do not have enough time, and another 17 per cent say it is too pricey. A good video maker is all you need to get your video marketing strategy the right way. Video making is time-consuming, and a poor video maker makes things even worse. Therefore, choosing the right video maker that fulfils your demands and further helps you make your video-making process seamless is essential.

We understand that the prospect of making marketing videos for your business can be daunting, especially when deciding which sorts of videos to generate for your company. We usually say, “There is a video for that!” It is true: producing a video is often a better, more effective way of delivering information. That is why we have put up a list of the most critical sorts of videos you can make to advertise your product, convert leads, and expand your audience. It, however, depends on your business’s demands and buyers’ persona which type of content will be liked the most. However, if you are looking for some must-have video content, you have reached the correct destination. These video types can be highly beneficial if you want your audience to look at your brand as their go-to marketplace.

1. Product Videos

Product videos are an excellent method to draw attention to your social media accounts and, eventually, your items. Many new consumers or would-be purchasers are looking for videos created with a high-quality video maker that best shows your goods.

They provide your buyer with a clear picture of your product and how it may help them. Product films explain the features and benefits of your product while also commonly including demonstrations of how it works, all while attracting your audience. Customers who are at the awareness or deliberation stages of the purchase process and seek a full explanation of what you have to offer can benefit from them. This will further help you stand apart from the crowd of brands in the market.

2. Client Testimonial Videos

People have an impact on others. Honest evaluations may change our minds about a product or persuade us to buy it from a particular brand’s reviews in the form of video advertisements. That is the reason why testimonials in the form of videos from your customers are significant.

These films may easily demonstrate to your leads how your product has a beneficial influence on actual people. It is significantly more fascinating to hear consumers’ voices and watch a product in action than read a paragraph. Finally, testimonial films can be critical in establishing trust and attracting new clients.

3. Promotional Videos

Personal video invites are similar to promotional videos. Whether you are inviting people to a conference, a webinar, or an open house, promotional films may help you sell your event while also giving them a sense of your brand. You should include a quick but extensive summary of the event you are marketing in these films and a Call to Action that urges viewers to sign up or save the date.

By encouraging viewers to take action, you may produce leads or attendees.

Virtual events are becoming more common, and persuading people to take time out of their day to attend is a tall order. Video is an excellent method to amp up your promotional efforts and get people enthusiastic about your event. It may be as easy as requesting that your host send a brief, personal invitation. You may also attempt something more innovative, such as this video we made to advertise a webinar.

4. Company Culture Videos

Creating business culture films is the most enjoyable task when it comes down to it. After all, they may be about pretty much anything and everything. We are not talking about your typical business video here. An interactive office video is enough to connect your audience to your company instantly. 

Did you organise a guacamole-making competition for your team one Tuesday at lunch? Make a video to show it off! Is it true that your CEO commuted to work on a unicycle? You do not have an option but to record it. Moreover, share it with your audience. I bet they will love it, and your audience will react to it. Humans do not connect with figures and facts; they connect with other humans and emotions. Try it out and see what you think.

These small clips allow customers to see who you are behind the scenes, both as individuals and corporations. Giving your followers a behind-the-scenes look into the goings-on at your business is a great way to engage with them. You may also utilise these videos to demonstrate to potential workers what it is like to work at your place of business. Do not simply tell them about your great business culture and benefits; show them how it works in practice.

5. Live Streams

Live streaming is an excellent method to engage with your viewers. There are infinite alternatives when it comes to living streams, but one sort of video that your company can get started with right away is a live event stream. If you are holding conferences, seminars, or discussing major product releases with your audience, you can quickly transform them into a live broadcast to reach a larger audience.

Live streams allow your audience to interact with you one-on-one. This is a great way to increase your visibility and broaden your customer base. Using live streaming in digital marketing techniques is far more than you would think. According to a recent survey by Livestream.com, 90 per cent of potential buyers have higher trust in information provided through the video when purchasing a product or service. The most significant and compelling benefit of live streaming is that consumers consume information on your time, not theirs. This means you are just interacting with individuals interested in you and your company and those who find your material to be incredibly beneficial.

Key Takeaways: 

The extraordinary rise of video-sharing platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels demonstrates that people enjoy watching videos. People like watching videos of all types, and according to Hubspot, nearly nine out of 10 people want to see more videos from the companies they like.

However, as a small business owner, you are already overworked and juggling several tasks. Moreover, despite your understanding of the importance of video marketing, you are hesitant to invest in a pricey video marketing strategy. However, you need to realise that making videos for your small business is simple (and affordable) with the correct video maker.