5 Issues to Check Before Buying or Renting a Building


If you are going to rent or buy a building, there are a few things worth checking. This is to make sure that not only will the building be safe but also worth the money you spend. A lot of structures have hidden issues that the previous owner might not tell you about  as this may affect the pricing. By the time you learn of them, it will be too late since you already signed the papers transferring ownership.

Many of the most pressing issues that you need to look into are structural, with the building’s conditions being noteworthy. You need to make sure that the whole thing won’t come down on top of you during natural occurrences such as tremors, earthquakes and such. After that, it would be a matter of going down the list of amenities, utilities, aesthetics, and so on. Here, we look at some of the issues to check before buying or renting a building.

The Foundation

One of the most essential points of consideration, when you are looking to buy a building, is its foundation. You need to make sure that it is sound from a structural perspective, meaning no cracks or major flaws. If there signs that the plinth, beams, or foundational walls are at risk of crumbling, they must be addressed immediately. The same goes for any holes, thinning, rotting, or termite damage that you might come across when surveying the building.


It’s worth noting that not all of the damages that a building suffers from will be obvious to the naked eye. In fact, many of them will be hidden and are deeper into the layers, which is more worrying. You can have an expert take a look at the structure to do some scans or readings if you want. Having to pay a fee to get some peace of mind would be better than the unfortunate alternative.

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The Plumbing and Water Supply

Every building should have its own system for water, heating, waste disposal, and so on in a local or citywide form. These are managed via pipes, gears, filters, and the like that either you or the local authorities have access to. With that being the case, you need to make sure that there are no issues with your building’s system. Otherwise, you could be looking at leaks, water damage, contamination, and so on that could cause health or structural problems.

If there are problems found, your options would be to either repair them or have the whole thing replaced. It might be a good idea to make sure that you are using the right tools for the job when you do. Using gear-operated valves might be a good idea as they are easier and straightforward to handle. Finding a good gear operated valves manufacturer would then be the recommended first step to help you get quality materials hence enabling secure your building’s water systems.

Power and Wiring

When dealing with an old building, you had best expect that the wirings are going to be a problem. While many of them will have been made to last, time and rats will wear them down to dangerous levels. If the electrical problems, rusted panels, blown fuses, and the like become too big, they can be a fire hazard. A lot of buildings have burned down because their owners ignored this particular potential source of danger.


With that being the case, having an electrician over to check the whole thing would be worth doing. You can do this yourself if you have rudimentary knowledge with regard to electrical systems, but it would be a risk. Professionals can notice problems that might escape your eyes since they have the training to do so. This will then ensure the safety of the building itself and anyone who might be living or working in it.

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Adherence to Safety Regulations

There are multiple safety regulations that every single city puts out and which builders should follow during the construction process. For older buildings, however, these guidelines might not have been followed to the letter and this can be a problem. Minor issues can be dealt with such as using the wrong stickers and signs, but non-existent fire routes are unacceptable. There should always be clear directions to follow when there is a fire or a natural disaster to ensure safety.

If you are not sure about which safety regulations you need to follow, it would be advised to research them. You should do this before purchasing or renting a building anyway in order to forestall any trouble down the road. With such precautions, you can avoid paying fines if ever an unfortunate incident occurred in the building such as a fire. This will also help you with your future ventures in case you need to purchase or rent more buildings.

Complete Paperwork

The last and perhaps, most important point to focus on before buying any commercial or residential property is paperwork. You need to make sure that everything is ironed out to the last detail and that you’re not violating laws.

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