5 Super Advantages of Staying in Luxury and Private Villas

Private Villas

To the villa or the hotel? When it comes to group holidays, whether with family or friends, do you choose the freedom and privacy of a standalone villa or the service and comfort of a luxury hotel?

Thanks to a travel trend led by companies like ST. BARTS Beach Resort and Villas in the USA, Northern Greece, infect all over the world, you don’t have to decide. With a five-star resort with a range of private villas, you can truly enjoy the best of both worlds.

On your arrival in St. Barts, you will feel the warm welcome commonly associated with the luxury hotel; A glass of champagne and a brief overview as your bags are being carried and deposited in your new home away from home. But once the villa door is closed behind you, you are instantly cut off from the rest of the complex in your private space, unless of course, you need some kind of room service, which is away just in a phone call.

Luxury Villas

Private villas are becoming a trend that is here to stay. This luxury vacation option has redefined the hospitality industry with dedicated vacation accommodations in exotic locations. You can book your breathtaking private villa through Seabrook Island Vacation Rentals if you choose to enjoy your vacation in South Carolina. Read on to learn more about the amazing benefits of private villa stays and why you should keep this option on your radar for your next vacation. Click Exceptional Villas for more information .

1. A vacation in a private villa provides guests with a peaceful experience

Holidays are the way to improve life satisfaction and provides a lot of mental health benefits. A lot of researches and studies found that those who took paid leave generally enjoyed better health and life satisfaction. The data also shows that vacations have lasting effects that extend beyond the duration of the flight itself. A quiet vacation experience can lead to a more positive view of past and future experiences. While you are on vacation, you want to decompress and relax.

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This is often easier said than done in crowded accommodations, where other holiday-goers children run down the hallways or next room, making a fuss at an inopportune hour. Choosing a private villa gives you the privacy and tranquility you deserve on your vacation. Additionally, with the spacious villa, everyone in your family or group can have their own room. Gone are the days of cramped rooms or disputes over who was occupying the sofa.

2. Enjoy a personal experience of staying in a private villa

When you visit traditional travel places, there is usually an activity manager in charge of your day and the events that happen. However, in the private villa, your vacation is customized to your delicate taste. Is exercise necessary? Enjoy a stay in a villa with a state-of-the-art sports bar. Are you booking a family reunion trip? Choose a villa with a games room, bunk beds, and a home theater room. Staying in the villa gives you the freedom to set the tone and schedule of your vacation.

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3. These private and luxury villas provide guests with a “home away from the home.”

With a blend of luxurious environment and homey ambiance, the private villas are “home away from home.” Like your own personal home, your luxury villa has multiple master bedrooms, a full large kitchen, outdoor space, and stunning views of the beautiful St Barts waters. The private villa offers guests the best of both amazing worlds, combining luxurious amenities with the comforts of home.

4. Private villas are the perfect choice for groups

Whether you are traveling with your young children or organizing a company dinner, a private villa may be the best option instead of a hotel or a form house. Private villas allow every party to have their own rooms while providing travelers with an enjoyable time to socialize in the private villa’s public areas, such as the pool or the living room.

5. The private villas are spacious

The traditional travel places are usually more restrictive. Having four people in one bedroom and one bathroom might not be ideal. The private villas provide a space for travelers to spread out and really have fun.

Are you looking to rent an exclusive villa for your next vacation in St Barts? A luxury vacation rental overlooking the famous St Barts beaches could be ideal for you. Visit here  stbarthvillarental.com to find out more about upcoming St Barts villa rentals.

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