5 Weekend Treks in Himachal Pradesh

Triund Trek

Blessed are those who live a couple of hours’ journey away from the Mountain range, for they can go out to these wonderful as well as mystical hills over a weekend break. What adds to this great chance are the weekend break treks. Trip My India motivates you to reserve all your weekend break treks with us as we know specifically how to make it an experience that counts. We have the top weekend break as well as vacation hikes in the Indian Himalayas from Haridwar, Rishikesh, Dehradun, Manali, Shimla, as well as Delhi that make certain adventurous as well as enjoyable holidays.

1. Kheerganga Trek

The most popular trek in Parvati Valley, Kheerganga trek takes you through some breathtaking scenery. It is ideal for any novice trekker or traveller because it doesn’t require a lot of time or previous trekking experience.

You will be treated to beautiful views of nature as you stroll through Himachal Pradesh’s stunning environment. There are a couple wooden bridges and some slick spots on the trail.

Remember to take pictures of each and every one of the beautiful waterfalls you see while on this section of the Kheerganga walk from Kasol.

2. Triund Trek

Triund expedition is one of the most prominent expeditions to review a weekend from Delhi as well as Chandigarh. It is maybe the simplest Himalayan trip to do on your own. Triund Trek  is an excellent destination for those looking for a hassle-free taste of hiking in the Himalayas. The expedition can conveniently be corrected on a weekend. The route to Triund is short but steep. The high climb is well-compensated by rejuvenating strolls among rhododendrons as well as oak trees. There are also various songbirds in the woodlands along the trail which make it a birdwatcher’s delight.Considering it’s a very easy trip and with the effortless access from Dharamshala or McLeodGanj, there are a multitude of travellers that go this trip, making it hard to take pleasure in the calmness of the location as well as can get crowded on the top during the weekend breaks or holiday. It is much better to experience the elegance of this expedition during the weekdays.

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3. Churdhar Trek

Churdhar Trek

The Churdhar Trek is a 15km long expedition, so it will take you 2 days to finish. Although the inclines are testing, when you make it through thick Deodar woodlands to the top, you are surrounded by a 12,000 acre gate that allows for a pleasurable walk. A myriad of plant life and also wildlife might be discovered throughout this book, you can see deodar, oak, pine trees, and also natural herbs like Aloe Vera and bush Himalayan Cherry.

At the top of the Churdhar Trek is the Shirgul Devta Holy place, devoted to Lord Shiva, and also more than 5000 years old, lies at an elevation of 3,640 metres above water level. Annually, a diverse team of travellers go to this holy place to look for the Lord’s true blessing and remove their transgressions, purify their spirits, and share their appreciation to Lord Shiva by pouring water on the Linga.

4. Malana Trek

Participate in this thrilling 2 days Malana trekking adventure in the Himachal Pradesh village of Malana to discover the breathtaking beauty of this area. Explore the peaks of Ali Ratna, Friendship peak, Deo Tibba, and Hanuman Tibba, as well as the Gowrishankar temple, Tripura Sundari, and Roerich art gallery.

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Enjoy the trip to the serene areas of Malana and Chandrakhani Pass as well. Take advantage of the opportunity to camp at the peak, where you may experience the charm of the brisk winds, clean air, serene surroundings, rich foliage, and snow-capped mountains to give you memories that will last a lifetime.

5. Kareri Lake Trek

Himachal Pradesh is a significant mixture of looming Himalayan tops, Buddhist culture, typical living, dry mountains, and also incredible surroundings. Dharamshala, the home of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, is regarded as the ‘land of gods.’ Not just this holy land tends in the direction of spirituality, yet also, it is an attractive community where numerous treks consisting of the Kareri Lake (3200) are flagged off. This time, when you go for a vacation in Dharamshala to get spoiled in its enchanting environments, do not fail to remember to take part in an expedition to Kareri Lake.

Trip to Kareri Lake kicks off from McLeodganj; it better goes through Minkiani Pass, Baleni Pass, Lioti and lastly finishes at the Kareri Lake. On your journey to Kareri lake, you will see numerous classic landmarks, which offer the bird’s-eye view of the adjoining hills as well as valleys. The trail transverses through lush forests, narrow terrains, whirly passes, scenic fields and much more.

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