6 Essential Features of Online Catalogue Specials

Online Catalogue

Are you searching for online discounts? If so, you have several options including online catalogues such as ILikeSales Specials. This provides a similar experience as old-school paper-based catalogs, but with fast browsing and no heavy lifting. When looking for online specials in web-based catalogs, there are several features to search for to get the best shopping experience. Here are some of the main ones:


Woolworths was founded almost a century ago in 1924, and today is the largest Australian retailer (2020), according to FXCM. This is just one of several retailers with online catalogs. Other retailers with web-based catalogs include:

  • Big W
  • Coles
  • Dan Murphy’s
  • Target
  • The Reject Shop

This allows you to select among the various retailers available. For example, you might prefer a particular retailer or need certain items that are offered from a particular one. In either situation, you can find an online retailer that has the particular item(s) you are looking for.


When shopping online, you can find retailers that offer a wide range of various products based on the retail type. Some popular options include:

  • Convenience
  • Bakeshop
  • Supermarket
  • Department Store
  • Housewares

You can basically find just about everything you need online. Today, online sales make up 9% of Australia’s retail sales, and the demand for online products continues to grow. The number of Australians shopping online and using mobile devices for their purchases continues to spike.

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When shopping online, you can find a wide range of different products. That includes just about everything from dog food to cat food and from BBQ sauce to board games. If a particular type of product is available online, there is a good chance you can also find it on sale. It’s just a matter of shopping around to find the lowest price.

Loyalty Cards

Flybuys is Australia’s and New Zealand’s largest loyalty program, while the gift card market is worth over AUD5.9 billion in 2019. When making online purchases, it is important to know which loyalty cards are accepted by a particular online retailer. This gives you the opportunity to save more on purchases besides sales and discounts themselves.


If you are looking for retailer specials, you can find lots of them through online catalogs. This includes ones based on a particular week, month, or holiday. For example, some retailers offer specials every week on different items. Others might have discounts on various products for the entire month.

Besides the particular items on sale, another issue is the amount of the sale. For example, some stores offer 1/2 price specials that allow you to save 50% on various items. Others offer lower discounts, like 10%.

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Studies show that nearly 81% of Australians now shop online, according to Web Alive. This results in more competition, so many online retailers offer discounts to boost visitors and sales. So it is very practical to find big sales like ½ price off.


When shopping online, you might want to purchase from a local branch of a department store chain, for example, for faster shipping. This can include some of the country’s major cities, including:

  • Adelaide
  • Brisbane
  • Melbourne
  • Perth
  • Sydney

Fast shipping might be a key issue in cases like buying a last-minute birthday present or holiday gift.

When shopping online through Australian retailers, you have many options for saving money like ILikeSales Specials. You just have to pick among options like category, retailer, and product to spend less and save more.

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