6 Quick Tips To Care For Your Ponytail Hair Extensions

ponytail hair extensions

Looking for a way to transform your luscious locks? You may have already thought about getting hair extensions. There is no doubt about the gorgeous look they would give you.

However, the moment you walk out of the salon’s doors, you will need to have a proper routine to ensure their stunning looks and longevity.

So if you are thinking about getting ponytail hair extensions, you might want to stick around till the end of this feature to get the best hair tips!

Top 6 Hair Care Tips to Manage Your Extensions Right at Home

As more and more people start to get hair extensions, the value of this market is expected to reach 13.28 billion U.S. dollars by 2026. And if you are one of them, you need to know that there are several hair care tips you need to follow to keep your locks in prime condition.

Listed below is a quick list of these tips to help you maintain your extensions!

Learn How to Wash Your Extensions Properly

This might seem like common knowledge, but washing your hair is a little different from washing your extensions. While cleaning your hair might be done in a few minutes, washing extensions require more care as the bonds need to remain intact.

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Moreover, the shampoo and conditioner need the right extensions to help both your extensions and natural hair in good condition. This means you need to steer clear of harsh ingredients like alcohol and sulphate that strip your hair of its moisture.

In addition to this, try allowing the water to flow through your hair instead of flipping it over to clean it hastily.

Let Your Extensions Dry Before You Hit The Sack 

Now that you are aware of how to wash your extensions take a few minutes to let them dry all the way through. Sure, it might be tempting to doze off after a warm hair wash, but fight this urge and dry your natural locks and before you go to bed.

This is because your hair is in a feeble state when it is wet. So sleeping with damp hair can break your hair strands.

So, make this a rule of thumb in your hair care routine.

Be Gentle While Brushing Your Hair

This is yet another general tip, but brushing your hair can pull the hair out, resulting in hair fall.

To tackle this, start by purchasing a high-quality brush with soft bristles. Once you have this in hand, begin by combing your hair’s end before working your way to the top and scalp.

This technique works well for ponytail hair extensions as it does not exert too much pressure while also keeping them healthy.

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Opt for a Weekly Deep-Conditioning Treatment

Because hair extensions are delicate to handle, you will need to give them natural oils to keep them healthy and nourished. But do not mistake this for greasy hair!

The best way to restore natural oils to your hair and fill them up with moisture is by stepping into the salon for a conditioning treatment every week.

Stay Away from Hairstyling Tools 

Whether it is your natural locks or hair extensions, hair styling tools will cause a bit of damage to the hair and cause dry and brittle hair ends.

If you still want to use these tools, make sure to use heat-protectants before use. You can also use the temperature on a low setting to help keep heat damage at a minimum level.

Separate the Extension’s Bonds

Last but not least, you will need to separate the extension’s bonds regularly. You will not need a comb to do this, as your fingers will do just fine.

Just brush through your hair with your fingers to check if the bonds are still intact without loosening or getting tangled.

There is no greater joy than seeing your locks come alive with luscious ponytail hair extensions. However, they will not last for as long as you would like without proper care and treatment.

By including the steps mentioned above into your hair care routine, you can be sure that your hair will look gorgeous for months to come!

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