6 Ways Your Company Could Benefit From Biodegradable Packaging

biodegradable packaging

Consumers are becoming more and more aware of the need for environmental sustainability. This awareness has led consumers to demand manufacturers and companies to follow sustainable practices. If you have a business, you must show your customers that you embrace the green movement by using biodegradable packaging for your products. The use of green packaging extends beyond having a positive public image. Biodegradable packaging will also give your company the following benefits:

  1. No Harmful Toxins and Allergens

Bioplastics are made from non-toxic and allergen-free materials. Since this packaging is organic, they are produced without using chemicals that can cause allergic reactions in your consumers.

  1. Reduces Your Company’s Carbon Footprint

Eco-friendly packaging is made from recycled materials. When your company uses bioplastics, you are reducing the consumption of resources to create new plastics and packaging. You are also contributing less to the overall carbon production that goes into the atmosphere. Using biodegradable packaging ensures that your company is helping your government in its efforts to adhere to the Kyoto Protocol, which aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere.

  1. Reduces Production Costs

Your company can reduce production costs significantly since you are using a much more economical packaging method with the biodegradable type. This is because only recycled materials are used to produce your packaging. Likewise, when your company uses eco-friendly packaging and advocates them to the public, you are gaining their trust and loyalty.

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 Likewise, when you use biodegradable plastics, you are following the three Rs of sustainability.


Since most of the packaging materials are created using recycled waste, the production of new packaging materials will only be focused on thinner and tougher materials. Therefore, you are reducing the need to produce new materials since there are a lot of recyclable materials around.


Bioplastics are durable, and therefore, you can reuse the biodegradable packaging for other purposes.


Bioplastics can easily be recycled into other materials using the same technology used to produce them in the first place. For example, You can send biodegradable boxes used as packaging to a plant where they can be converted into other products such as biodegradable utensils or plates.

  1. Convenient Disposal

Recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable product packagings are easy to discard and dispose of, without worrying about their long-term effects. Biodegradable materials can be added to compost pits, the same way with the organic materials.

  1. Gain New Customers

The millennial generation is fully aware of how multinational corporations are largely responsible for the massive amounts of carbon emissions which led to climate change. This new generation of consumers look for companies that are eco-friendly and implement sustainable practices. Using biodegradable packaging will convey to your consumers that your company is aware of the world’s current environmental predicament and that you are doing your part in ensuring a healthy future to the planet. This message will increase your customer base.

  1. Reduce Shipping Costs

Bioplastics significantly weigh less than standard plastics. This weight difference will give your company savings when it comes to shipping, especially when you are charged by weight. Research shows that biodegradable plastics will allow you to have weight savings of up to 70 per cent.

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Your company’s use of biodegradable packaging will give you a lot of benefits. You will enjoy more savings and more customer loyalty. Your company will also be part of a world-wide movement of ensuring the future of our planet.

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