7 Dusty Places in Your House You’re Probably Forgetting About


No matter how serious you are about house cleaning, there are some places where most people forget to take a wipe. While some are unintentional, some are not even considered a part of the cleaning routine. Here are 7 places at your home from Cleanzen Philadelphia that are missing your cleaning attention.

Ceiling fans and vents

The ceiling fans and vents on top of your head can trap dust. But because of their location over your head, we often forget we need to clean them too. If you don’t clean the ceiling fans, they can spread dust on them all over the house every time you use them. If you don’t want to clean thoroughly with liquid, an excellent dry wipe will do the job too.

Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances might not get overlooked that much, but they are also not the top cleaning priority in your kitchen. However, routine cleaning of your kitchen appliances is crucial to maintain those appliances’ health and food safety. You can easily clean and freshen the appliances using a lemon and vinegar mixture.

Behind furniture and appliances

Can you remember the last time you cleaned behind your furniture or your heavy fridge? These places behind are the perfect hiding sports for dust. As we never clean that dust because it’s hard to get behind, they keep spreading dust even if you have cleaned everything else. Of course, it’s not an easy job, and you are not required to do it regularly. Just doing it once or twice a year should suffice.

Light fixtures

Light fixtures are an excellent place for dust to accumulate. Whether inside or outside, you’ll notice a layer of dust now and then. These dust layers can degrade the lights and sometimes result in overheating and burning too. If you are serious about avoiding these issues, you should consider cleaning your light fixtures home.

Pet beds

Dust accumulation in the pet bed can significantly increase your home’s dust generation and allergens. You might not consider cleaning your pet bed as a cleaning routine, but it’s; essential to maintain a clean and safe environment at home. In addition, a clean pet bed will prevent bacteria and germs from spreading into your house.

Top of cabinets and shelves

The truth is kitchen cabinets and shelves are often overlooked as we often don’t get to see their top. As we don’t get to see the surface, it keeps accumulating dust over the years and spreading it in your clean house. So, cleaning on top of your cabinet and shelves will reduce exposure to dust and even bacteria.


Despite looking at the walls every day, walls are one of the most common places that get overlooked in our house. Wall calming is very important to keep the dust off the wall and maintain its shine. If wall cleaning is not done regularly, it can impact your overall atmosphere and help develop mold.

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