7 Festivals Celebrated in Costa Rica You Cannot Afford to Miss During Your Vacation.

Festivals Celebrated in Costa Rica You Cannot Afford to Miss During Your Vacation

Costa Rica is in Central America and is surrounded by stunning tropical landscapes and beaches. Costa Rica attracts approximately 1.7 million tourists annually because it has almost everything to offer its guests seeking a relaxing vacation. The abundant biodiversity, wildlife, and countless tourist hotspots are worth seeing during your vacation. And as we all know that accommodations play a vital role in a perfect vacation; you can easily book your stay in any of the Costa Rica all-inclusive villas during your holidays.

Now that you know Costa Rica makes a perfect vacation destination, the question that might pop into your head is, what is the best time to travel to Costa Rica? Well, the answer is simple and straight, during the festivals. Festivals celebrated in Costa Rica are vivid and mind-blowing, thanks to its diverse culture and traditions. The population here is lively and participates in various festivals throughout the year.

Festivals in Costa Rica are a great way to learn about the culture and history of this stunning Central American nation. Besides its incredible natural resources and breathtaking landscapes, festivals allow you to get to know the locals and learn about their unique traditions. So, if you are planning to visit Costa Rica and want to know about the most popular festivals here, this article is for you. We have compiled the seven most exciting festivals of Costa Rica you can look forward to on your next visit to this paradise.

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  1. Ocaso Underground Music Festival

Ocaso is among the most popular and exciting underground music festivals in Costa Rica. It is a fantastic platform for all the tourists to dance, sing, laugh, and have fun with the locals. The vibrant and lively atmosphere is both addicting and pleasurable. Lose yourself in the colorful crowd while dancing to the musical beats and experience what the Pura Vida lifestyle is all about.

  1. Envision Festival
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The Envision Festival of Costa Rica takes place in the coastal forest of Uvita. Envision Festival is all about spirituality, music, dancing, yoga, tranquility, and education, all taking place in nature’s embrace. So, whether you attend this festival with kids or friends, they will love the celebration. As a participant in this event, you will experience the local culture and the fascinating aura of nature, along with concerts, yoga lessons, and other fun-filled activities.

  1. Fiestas Palmares Festival

The Fiestas Palmares festival is the oldest and the biggest cowboy event in Costa Rica. You can also enjoy activities like horse parades, carnivals, shows, and a plentiful supply of alcohol. This street celebration draws nearly a million people from all across the world. Furthermore, bullfighting will be the best part of this festival for you if you are an adventure lover. Fiestas Palmares is a two-week-long festival celebrated in the town of Palmares. So, if you are planning a long getaway, this festival is the best time to travel to Costa Rica.

  1. Límon Carnival

The Limon carnival is another famous festival in Costa Rica. It takes place in October and involves activities such as carnival queen elections, music, dance, and parades. Apart from the fun, you can treat yourself to supremely delicious drinks and authentic, flavorful cuisine. This festival beautifully reflects Costa Rican culture, traditions, and way of living.

  1. Easter

The Easter festival, also known as Semana Santa, is widely celebrated in Costa Rica. It is a festival that introduces people to a range of religious traditions. During Easter, you will get a closer look at Costa Rican culture. Across the country, it is a time of devotion, light, and remembrance. During this time, the streets are colorfully decorated, and the crowd is happier than ever. You will only find happiness, peace, and harmony in the country during Easter.

  1. Fiestas De Los Diablitos

The Fiestas De Los Diablitos, also known as the festival of the little devils, is celebrated in December and February. During this period, the villagers may be seen having a good time and wearing gorgeous costumes representing ancestor spirits. The main highlights of this Costa Rican festival are fun-filled activities like singing, dancing, and drinking, which are perfect for spending quality time with family and friends.

  1. Sun Festival
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The Sun Festival is one of Costa Rica’s most famous and admired festivals, celebrated in the last week of February to commemorate the Mayan New Year. This annual celebration includes music, light, rides, and exciting concerts. It also involves a fire ritual and a magnificent gathering to promote solar power. If you plan to visit this Central American country with family and looking for the best things to do in Costa Rica with kids, this festival makes the best choice.

You can enjoy small festivals in Costa Rica all year long. But, as the holiday season begins, you will get a chance to experience a whole new Costa Rica that includes everything from bullfighting to fireworks, marimba music, dinner parties, dancing, and carnival rides. Costa Ricans love partying and enjoying their life to the fullest. And, when you get the chance to be here with your friends and family, do nothing but taste the authentic food, make new friends, learn Costa Rican traditions, experience the Pura Vida lifestyle, and get into the spirit at any of these festivals. Enjoy horse parades and carnivals organized across the country.

So, choose which festival you want to enjoy in Costa Rica from the list we shared, pack your bags, and book your stay in any of the Costa Rica all-inclusive villas as you cannot afford to miss these exciting celebrations.

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