7 Most Harmful Foods for Fitness Lovers

Harmful Foods

Leading a healthy lifestyle is considered fashionable today. By the concept of a “healthy lifestyle” most people understand proper nutrition, quitting bad habits, and maintaining the body in good physical shape. Women often go in for fitness also to lose weight and correct their figure.

For fitness classes to be beneficial to the body, they must be carried out regularly, with adequate nutrition. The most common foods recommended by these “special” sports diets are digestible carbohydrates, rice, oatmeal, and low-fat dairy products.

However, in reality, these foods are neither dietary nor healthy. Besides, several foods are harmful to fitness enthusiasts and should be avoided: fast food, mayonnaise, and sauces, sodas, alcohol.

Which Harmful Foods Fitness Freaks Should Avoid

1- “Fast” Carbohydrates 

“Fast” carbohydrates are recommended for breakfast pseudo-diets. They include white sugar, bakery products made from premium wheat flour, sweets, potatoes, sweet fruits, and berries. 100 g of these products contain a lot of glucose, fructose, or sucrose. These are absorbed in the digestive tract within minutes after a meal, causing a sharp increase in blood glucose levels.

On the one hand, it is good for the body, since it has a lot of energy. Muscles contract more intensively, the brain works faster, mood, and well-being improves. A sharp increase in the concentration of glucose in the blood requires the release of a large amount of insulin for it to enter the cells of the body.

According to the recommendations of fitness trainers, use “fast” carbohydrates only during the period of the “carbohydrate window” (30-40 minutes after an intense workout). And it is better to use them in a very limited amount – no more than 100 g.

2- Low Alcohol Content 

Fitness lovers need to not only change their entire diet but also give up alcohol. Do not underestimate the detrimental effect on the body of low-alcohol drinks (cocktails, low alcohol beer). Despite the low ethanol content in them, this alcohol is very high in calories. As it contains sugar, yeast, hops, all kinds of flavoring, and aromatic additives.

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However, one should not forget that pure vodka also contains a lot of calories: 100 g of vodka is 230 kcal! According to United Healthcare drug rehab providers, consumption of alcohol is harmful to health. It does not matter whether you consume a little or excessive alcohol, it will still be injurious, especially if you are a fitness lover.

3- Instant Oatmeal

Oatmeal is undoubtedly healthy and recommended for almost any diet. But this applies only to porridge prepared by boiling oatmeal. According to the technology of its industrial production, instant oatmeal is devoid of useful substances. Instant flakes come from hunched and polished oat grains. Together with the shell, oatmeal is deprived of vitamins and minerals, and in the flakes made from such oats, mainly one starch and mucus remains.

For those who are fond of fitness, such cereals are not good, because, apart from empty calories and an increase in the glycemic index, they do not give anything. Moreover, in sachets porridges initially contain auxiliary components, such as sugar, berries, fruits, or, conversely, salt, and spices.

4- White Rice 

The benefits of this type of rice are questionable since it is devoid of essential nutrients. In the shell, which is removed during the production of white rice, useful vitamins (groups B, E, nicotinic acid, and biotin) and minerals (potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, iron, iodine, sodium) remain.

Since there are few vitamins and minerals in it, it is not worth expecting to replenish the deficiency of these compounds from eating white rice dishes. Soaked white rice gives a good effect on fitness lovers. In the process of soaking, starch washes out.

As a result of which the calorie content becomes less. The best option for those on a special diet, while doing fitness is not to eat white rice.

5- Low Fat Dairy Products 

Dairy products are great for everyone, including fitness enthusiasts. Dairy products contain proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and mineral salts, which are vital for the maintenance of normal human activity.

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In whole dairy products, these substances are in a balanced state.  However, after the extraction of fats from milk, the bioavailability of vitamins and minerals decreases sharply.

In order not to gain too much, but at the same time take all the most valuable from dairy products, you cannot refuse products of normal fat content. It is also important for people who keep themselves in shape that the “sour milk” they consume is not sweet.

6- Fast Food

 For people in love with fitness, there are several harmful products, which are generally undesirable to use. These include fast foods. Fast food is a food high in fat, fast carbohydrates, and salt. These fats are most often dangerous, the use of even a small amount of which is harmful to human health.

For people who are fond of fitness, you should categorically forget about fast food and instant products. To stay fit, you need to eat healthy protein-containing animal products. At the same time, prepare them by boiling, baking, or steaming.

7- Carbonated Drinks

Carbonation of soft drinks and mineral waters is carried out with carbon dioxide. By itself, carbon dioxide is a preservative, acidity regulator, and antioxidant (E290). Carbon dioxide is an unstable compound that quickly breaks down to form water and carbon dioxide. Despite the harmlessness of carbon dioxide in the environment, carbon dioxide in the human body exhibits many undesirable effects.

In order not to expose the body to unnecessary harmful effects of carbon dioxide, fans of various types of physical activity should avoid carbonated drinks altogether. We are talking not only about sweet “soda” but also about mineral water. Only pure non-carbonated water has a positive effect on metabolism.

Summing Up

When doing fitness, do not forget about the diet and drinking regime. They mean no less than sports. If you regularly do fitness exercises and do not change your eating habits, it will badly impact your health.

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