7Quick and Easy Ways to Light a Candle Without a Lighter

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If you’re like me, you’ve been looking for a new method of lighting candles. A lighter is a great option however, what happens if there’s no fire? What if the flame won’t stay lit? And even more worryingly, what if the lighter itself starts to catch fire? Luckily there are some other ways for lighting candles without using matches or lighters. Here are five ways you can make use of.



  1. Friction

If you’re not a candle-lighting expert, you might be thinking of how to light a match with the aid of a lighter. In this article, we’ll go over some of the most commonly used ways to do this:

Friction. The simplest method is by applying pressure to two pieces of wood in a row. But be cautious! You do not want to accidentally burn yourself or cause any damages to your house that could trigger an insurance payout. Some people also use friction for things that are that is more durable than what their hands alone can accomplish (like lighting dryer lint).

It requires a bit of patience and lets you create the heat quickly, but it is best to use outdoors since it can produce a lot of smoke when it’s burning inside with doors and windows that are open that open to multiple rooms at once.

Rubbing Flint Using Steel: This technique involves rubbing a piece of metal against another until they’re sufficiently hot for the purpose of ignition. Rubbing Flint using Steel and Wood: This method uses two different materials on one side (the steel)to increase the temperature faster than the normal method, yet still be able to produce enough heat without creating excessive noise when rubbing.

  1. Use The Stove

It is possible to use an electric stove to light the candle, but it’s more complex than just putting the wick in the fire. It is important to be cautious not to spill hot wax on your skin.

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If you’re using gas stoves you should use a flameproof propane or electric stove. When you’re cooking with an electric appliance, be sure it’s shut off prior the lighting of your candle.

When lighting the candle using an electric flame, turn on the burner and place the votive over the burner. Be sure the flame is at least four inches away from the wick.

  1. A Magnifying Glass

If you own an magnifying glass that can focus the sun’s rays on your candle, you’re all ready. You’ll need to make sure there’s no distractions about when you’re doing this, as the last thing you want is for someone else to come to your room and make fun of the way you look when holding an unlit candle in front of you.

A suitable size for magnifying glasses is at minimum 3 inches in diameter (a smaller one is only suitable if it comes with an adaptable lens).

  1. A Focused Parabolic Reflector

A parabolic reflector is a device used to focus the sun’s rays towards the candle, which will cause a massive flame. The parabolic reflector is made of aluminum foil, cardboard, or even paper.

You can also buy one at any hardware store. They’re known as “reflection mirrors.”

  1. An Alcohol Flame

In the event that you’re using an electric lighter or match, use it to light the alcohol. The flame should be low enough that it can’t set the candle to ablaze. Start a match, and place it on top of the container until all of the fuel has gone and then place it into the other side of your container (the one that has that candle).

If you’re using a flame source like candle or Bic lighter, go ahead and light up!

  1. Rubbing

If you want to light a flame without the use of a lighter there are two options to use. The first is the method of rubbing two sticks together and igniting them with fire by friction. This works best if your sticks aren’t too big and have enough surface area (like twigs). If they aren’t, you can try using a magnifying lens to direct sunlight towards them.

The other method is to make use of static electricity from rubbing wet hands when they pass through dry air molecules around you–this produces sparks that cause combustible material to ignite, such as paper or wood shavings (as long as they’re dry).

  1. Static Electricity

Static Electricity refers to the build-up of electrical charged particles on surfaces. If you rub two different materials together, like your hand and the balloon, this static build-up can give you enough power to make a candle glow.

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You need three things to master this trick

A lighter or another source of fire (candle)

A thing to rub (balloon)


  1. Friction

If you want to ignite a candle with out light sources, then the best method is and creating friction between the two items. This can be accomplished by using your hands to create friction or by rubbing them against cotton balls. Also, you can try sandpaper also! If you’re in possession of sandpaper, try rubbing one side of it with another side (like how they make CDs).

  1. Sun

Another way to generate the heat needed to light your candle without the use of a lighter is by shining direct sunlight onto the wick (the part that is burned). It appears that this method will work better than friction as there’s no risk of getting burned.

However, it does require the presence of a opening or door that lets sunlight is able to enter your room and strikes whatever surface(s) you have surrounding these surfaces or wicks. This means that if you don’t have any windows in the vicinity, this technique won’t work for everyone who would like candles to be lit fast, and therefore let’s get on with it.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this little factual information, and I look forward to seeing your solutions. If you’re interested to learn details about how you can light candles without lighters, be sure to check out our other articles on the topic! This is all the various ways to light a candle with no lighter. If you’ve got any alternatives that we haven’t covered please share them in the comments below.

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