7 Reasons Why Mobile Phone Heats up very quickly

Realme 5G phone

While you can’t remember anything more than you’ve done on your phone, it looks like your Realme 5G phone is starting to overreact to your use. It has recently begun to get hotter than usual, and you have no idea how to fix it or what might be wrong. We have a list of reasons that may be causing the heating problem in 8GB RAM mobiles.

1. You used your phone for a long time

Have you been watching a video, playing a game, or surfing multiple apps for more than 30 minutes on 8GB RAM mobiles? Some options and applications are particularly energy-intensive and strain the performance of your smartphone when used for prolonged periods.

2. Your battery or charger cable is faulty

The battery is often the cause of overheating a Realme 5G phone, especially if it is a little dated. Do not take this anomaly lightly; a defective battery can be hazardous and lead to the risk of burns or, in sporadic cases, an explosion.

Have you recently changed your battery or charger cable? Overheating can also be explained by the poor quality of a component in your phone: for example, a counterfeit battery or a damaged charger cable. Unfortunately, many counterfeits are sold in the market and do not have a protection system against overvoltages and overloads.

3. Your cell phone has been exposed to high temperatur

Cell phones, including 8GB RAM mobiles, are designed to operate between 0 and 35°C. Therefore, if left in the sunlight for long or subjected to higher temperatures, your phone can overheat.

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4. You use it while charging

If you have this habit, you must have felt like you were holding a soldering iron in your hands. Using your phone during charging hours is one of the causes of your phone getting very hot. The problem with this practice is that you gradually damage your battery and some circuitry in the device.

5. You are running a lot of apps in the background

Unused apps, which remain open in the background, use many resources without you asking for them. These can also cause your phone to heat up enormously.

Try to force some of them to stop and reduce the number of widgets available on your screen. Then scroll up and down to find the application, then click and select the “Force stop “option.

6. You never update apps

An application containing an error (a bug) can strain your device’s processor abnormally and cause it to overheat. That is why it is suggested to install updates when application publishers offer them. They often make corrections to possible bugs.

A possible bug in the operating system of your device is not excluded. Here too, an update may be necessary. The paradox here is that sometimes after performing an update, we notice an overheating case on the phone. In this kind of case, the solution is to revert to the previous version of the application, or the system allows it.

7. You often play video games

Video games are famous for their extreme need for phone resources. Even the best phone in the world would eventually overheat after hours of playing, so imagine if yours already heats up a lot.

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Some games even have flaws in their design and can overheat your device. This is probably the reason that your phone heats up tremendously.

How to solve the overheating of your mobile?

Here are some of the steps you may follow: Close all open applications, remove the protective cover from your phone and turn it off for at least 30 minutes. If it is still hot, report it to your service provider. Here are the details of the steps.

Close all open applications

The first instinct is to close all programs and applications open and in use on your smartphone. Then, your phone’s processor will no longer be overloaded. Also, remember to deactivate the Bluetooth option, as well as geolocation, to save your phone’s battery.

Remove the protective shell from your mobile

Remove the protective cover from your phone if it overheats. This is because most of the shells sold in the market are made of plastic and prevent excessive heat from escaping. By removing your shell, the components of the mobile can be better ventilated.

Turn off your phone

When stopped, the components of your phone will stop working and therefore give off heat. So turn off your 8GB RAM mobiles for at least 30 minutes while these components cool down. Above all, please do not put it to charge during this time: this would still strain your battery and risk re-supplying the overheating.

Conclusion: If you notice your Realme 5G phone overheating, it is better to react urgently. The steps can significantly reduce the risks of mobile phone overheating. However, if you find your cellphone overheating despite these measures, get in touch with a professional.

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