8 Data Security Trends IT Companies Should Expect in 2021

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The second wave of coronavirus is here. Most countries are dealing with it. Months of working from home and no promising vaccine in-sight have made companies invest in and streamline their technological processes. Because the technology that we relied on upon in past wasn’t sufficient and to fulfill the current and future business needs, you need to prepare well.

You may already have all the tech systems, software, and tools in place to keep your business operations up and running. You may have your Spectrum customer service phone number on speed dial, however, you still need to brace yourself and prepare for the big data security trend changes expected in 2021.

Top 8 Data Security Trends in 2021

Imagine while your employees worked onsite, you always thought of cloud migration as a luxury or an extra. However, now it is one of the basic needs to avoid employee productivity hamper. As we are ushered into the new year, remote work may lead to increased vulnerability to cybersecurity threats and phishing attacks.

Remote Work is Going to Be the Top Concern

Since remote work doesn’t seem to shift onsite any time soon, the companies are becoming more concerned and meticulous about adopting formal remote work policies. This includes leveraging the right software programs and tools, which ensure safe company data. Preventing data attacks will be the biggest priority.

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IT giants like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook have already extended their remote working for employees to 2021. With the telecommuting timeline extending, it’s time to take the right measures.

Cyberattacks While Using Artificial Intelligence

Hackers are becoming more sophisticated with their attacks. And since people are accessing company data from their home networks instead of encrypted onsite networks, it is easier for them to target them.

Moreover, they are refining their cybersecurity and data attacks by leveraging AI. And to combat them, you will also need AI and machine learning tools. Using static as well as dynamic AI to detect, mitigate, and roll back these attempts will be the next new practice in data security.

Data Breaches will Quadruple

Allowing access to company data becomes inevitable in remote working scenarios. However, companies will adopt practices to allow data access only when it is critically needed. This will reduce the chances of data theft as well as accidental data loss.

Data Classification Won’t be Sufficient

Your company may have put in the effort to categorize data based on internal, public, and confidential needs. However, these practices have not proved to be very effective in preventing and restraining data breaches.

Therefore, instead of this comprehensive classification, companies will have to limit data access to their employees when not needed.

Phishing Attempts Will Spike and Become More Lethal

Phishing attempts have already spiked and over 80% of the employees have received phishing emails. Companies have reiterated the need of being wary of these attempts and avoid opening malicious links. However, in certain fields such as marketing, employees are tempted to open the links and emails sent to them.

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As a result, employee accounts are taken over by scammers and hackers and they can access the company data. The world has faced a bump in online transactions during Covid-19. So, get ready to face these things and come up with a solid plan.

Effective Authentication Methods Will Emerge

People are already using two-factor authentication for various gadgets and accounts. However, in 2020, over 82% of businesses began using this feature to ensure data security. Biometric data security processes such as the use of facial recognition and fingerprints will further increase in 2021.

Ransomware Will Affect More Businesses

In 2020, over 28% of businesses have been affected by ransomware. Not many of them were able to fully retrieve their data. And most of them had to pay the ransom. Ransomware will affect the companies further in 2021. Therefore, some up with a solid data security strategy.

The Use of VR/AR Technology Will Nearly Triple

AR and VR have been harnessed by businesses in 2020 for a variety of purposes. Some are training, accounting, digital marketing, and so on. These technologies will continue to be leveraged in 2021 because of the benefits that they offer.

Moreover, training employees virtually is the next new thing. Therefore, employees are suggested to get a subscription to the Spectrum internet plans to stay on top of all these new trends. In these uncertain times, let’s deal with all these big changes together!

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