A Collector’s Preference: The Refined Omega Timepieces Collection

Omega watches

Luxury watches are among the most refined collection a man can ever have. Since the creation of various watch brands, collectors have a hard time what timepieces to keep and collect. You can select from multiple Swiss watch brands, but some brands marked the minds of watch enthusiasts.

Among those brands is the Omega wristwatch collections. They have been trusted for more than a century for providing the best luxurious watches. They have various collectibles such as the Omega Seamaster, Omega Railmaster, Omega Speedmaster, and many more!

Brief History Of Omega

The first appearance of Omega watches commenced in the year 1848. Since then, the company has never seized to provide the best timepieces available today in the market. Among their notable collections are the Speedmaster and Seamaster that prominent people have used!

The Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra

This jaw-dropping Seamaster series of the Omega watch collection has a black dial along with shinning silver stick type indexes. Its minute hand features the same shade as its indexes. The case of this model is made with premium steel to add extra protection and firm design while you display it on your vitrine.

It also comes with a sapphire crystal that covers both sides of the watch, making it resistant to scratches. You would surely like the idea of buying this watch since the band of this model is made up of premium rubber. It also resistant to water for up to 150 meters. You would surely enjoy your diving activities with this watch!

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The Omega Speedmaster

In 1957, the Omega Speedmaster was first made. It is one of the most famous timepieces that they ever had. It is originally used in motorsports for happening the best-fit features for this sport. It is more than just a multi-functional wristwatch. The looks of it would surely make your eyes drool.

It’s not just about its classy and luxurious looks. The Omega Speedmaster was written in history as the first watch to ever reach the moon in the year 1969. The Speedmaster collection functions on COSC. Not only that, one of the Omega Speedmaster collections contains both digital and quartz for additional speedy features.

If you are looking for a multi-purpose watch, you can check out the Omega Speedmaster Profession Moonwatch. It has a look of both class and elegance but can be used in adventures. Its black dial made its appearance more fascinating, along with its contrasting silver-tone hands!

Another Collection from the Omega Speedmaster is the Speedmaster Racing model. It is made with flawless stainless steel, and its casing has a transparent back and a 44.25 mm diameter on its classy leather strap. It is also protected from scratches because of its sapphire crystal covering!

The Omega Railmaster Series

The first appearance of this watch can be dated back to 1957. This model is specifically made for those collectors whole worked with a strong current of electricity and magnetic fields. It is because watches can be inaccurate once exposed to high current electricity and magnetic fields.

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In 2007, they released a new model that similar to the classic Omega Railmaster. But, they have incorporated the designs from Seamaster, making it a more durable and versatile timepiece. It has gained a lot of appreciation from watch enthusiasts all over the globe!

The Omega Constellation

The Constellation series is known for being the oldest collection of Omega. It is part of Omega’s vintage collection that enthusiasts around the globe would indeed collect. Since its creation in 1952, it never stops to evolved into a more elegant and durable timepiece.

The Omega Constellation Quartz comes with a case made up of premium stainless steel in 27mm size. Its bracelet will fascinate you with its 18 karats rose gold. It comes with a silver-tone dial along with hands and index that are shaded in rose gold-tone. This model is trendy among women. Plus, it is resistant to water up to 100 meters!

The features of this timepiece would surely make you want to buy it. Elegance is assured if you have this on your collection. Put in mind that you can wear it in both your diving adventures and on your casual date night!


The Omega watch brand has already showcased the best possible timepieces for you since time immemorial. It is up to you what model suits you in your day-to-day life. With Omega watches, elegance and class are achieved. Get the best Omega watch now!

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