A Glass of Dry Gin, Please!

Dry Gin

For anyone who thrives on knowing cocktails, Gin & Tonic is a classic. However, gin is so popular on its own that it does not need to be necessarily paired up.

Initially started for medicinal purposes, this popular drink constitutes 40% alcohol by volume. It is obtained from grain distillation, and the primary flavour is achieved with juniper berries.

The most striking feature of gin is its variety. For instance, dry gin consists of no artificial flavouring. Here is a classic tale of dry gin with its merits and booming industry in the making.

The Gin Industry

It is natural to wonder how rich and influential the gin industry is, at least in Australia. According to a source, the Gin industry has surprising numbers.

  • The global gin market was capped at a value of USD 14.03 billion in 2020.
  • The market is expected to reach USD 20.17 billion by 2028, growing at a rate of 4.9% annually.
  • Europe accounts for more than 50% of the overall sale of gin.

The pandemic did set back the industry significantly but failed to do permanent damage. Despite the pandemic, 65% of distillers claimed that their business was better than expected.

What is It?

The flavour for this drink is solely made from botanicals, especially juniper berries. This beverage is packed with fresh citrus notes and originated in England in the UK.

A strong presence of juniper flavours will likely be your first impression of this beverage. The lack of artificial flavouring makes it one of the most natural presentations of gin.

Advantages of Dry Gin

A common misconception about dry gin is that being an alcoholic beverage, it does not provide any health benefits. That’s far from the truth. If ingested in limited quantities, this gin can offer a host of benefits.

Prevents bloating and UTIs

The Juniper berries present in gin are diuretic in nature. As a result, they help prevent water retention in your body. Ultimately, that helps your body flush out bacteria and toxins regularly, helping prevent various infections.

Drives away coughs

Since the original use of gin was medicinal, it’s no surprise that this drink can help with your cough. The berries, combined with the botanicals, possess essential oils which provide gin with its smooth texture. Additionally, you can also pair it up with ginger or certain herbs.

Low calories

With only 96 calories per shot, gin can be considered a relatively healthy alcoholic beverage. If you decide to drink it neat, you can conserve a lot of calories!

Glowing skin

Not a fan of looking older? The antioxidants present in the Juniper berries will help your skin be healthier. Plus, they also help your cells to regenerate.

Summing up

A combination of health benefits and unique taste make this type of gin a must-have for your home. This drink caters to you, whether for a special occasion or just unwinding after a long day.

Moreover, you can ingest the beverage according to your preference. Want it neat? No problem. Require it to be mixed with a buffer drink? Try tonic water!

What’s more, there are a variety of distilleries where you can order the gin you want. So, sit back and enjoy a drink as you witness the onset of Autumn!