A look at the most unique amenities of 5-star properties in Mumbai

5-star properties in Mumbai

Modern homebuyers have become discerning and are looking for apartments that are more than just a place to live. They want the best amenities that add a unique touch to the property and offer residents an ultra-luxurious lifestyle. Since luxury and 5-star properties in Mumbai provide homeowners with sophisticated living, they have become a big hit among the wealthy, NRIs and high-earning professionals. So let us analyse some of the unique amenities of 5-star properties.


Kitchens in 5-star properties are unlike the ordinary. These uniquely designed areas exhibit class and sophistication found only in premier hotel chefs’ kitchens. Replete with high-end gadgets, kitchens in luxury homes make cooking enjoyable, fast and convenient. Modular kitchens maximise space because each gadget or appliance has a designated space. This gives the kitchen a neat and spacious look. A modular kitchen allows the homeowner to customise it as per their needs. Some properties offer kitchens with warming drawers, wine cellars and other unique amenities, making life more exclusive for residents.


Among the many amenities that distinguish a 5-star property from a regular one, spas and yoga centres are among the most important. These areas serve as a place for residents to rewind and relax after a hard day’s work. Spas in luxury properties usually include a sauna, snow bathtub, steam area and other unique features. Meanwhile, yoga centres and recreation areas can help the residents stay active and healthy. Since these spas, yoga centres and recreation areas are accessible only to the residents, overcrowding is not an issue here.

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Sports facilities

5-star properties appeal to health-conscious homebuyers because they offer numerous sporting facilities. The indoor basketball court, golf, kids’ play area, swimming pools, cricket, football and other sports amenities are offered here. Besides encouraging the residents to stay fit and healthy, these sports facilities also help save time and money because the homeowners do not have to travel to other parts of the city to avail of these services. Sports facilities also encourage bonding between the residents. A sports complex is a must-have amenity in a luxury property.

Mini theatre

Who doesn’t love watching movies? But driving long distances to a movie theatre can sometimes feel a bit tedious. What if you had a movie theatre right next door? Many luxury homes come with mini theatres that allow homeowners to watch their favourite movies whenever they want. Since these theatres are accessible to the residents of the luxury complex, you will be watching your favourite movie among like-minded individuals. Moreover, these theatres comprise comfortable seating arrangements and advanced sound systems, which give the residents an incredible experience.

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Mini theatre

Luxurious clubhouses

Luxurious clubhouses are a part of many high-end 5-star properties.

Why book clubs or banquet halls for entertaining friends and family when you can do it at a clubhouse within your community? These clubhouses have excellent amenities, are comfortable, and are the perfect place to host parties, events and social gatherings. Besides enabling the residents to socialise with one another, they also elevate living standards.

Final words

5-star properties offer homebuyers incredible amenities and a spectacular lifestyle. Walk-in closets, private elevators, etc, are a few other comforts that these properties offer. Though these apartments are expensive, the exclusivity and high living standards that they offer make them a worthy investment. Numerous developers in Mumbai are constructing state-of-the-art ultra-luxurious properties. You can easily search for these on Blox, one of the best real estate buying platforms. So if you want to live a high life, invest in a 5-start property in Mumbai.

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