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While much time, effort, thought, and dreams are poured into a bride’s wedding dress, the groom may be at risk of being overlooked or sidelined in all the excitement. While the groom may consider his wife to be the more important element of his wedding, there is no reason why he cannot enjoy the process of dressing up to marry the love of his life and making sure that the show as a whole looks as amazing as they both deserve.

To this end, we have produced a quick checklist so that the happy couple have a single source of information to curate the groom’s outfit and coordinate the outfits of his groomsmen too.

What suits you?

While a ‘morning suit’ is the most traditional suit that is chosen for the groom at a wedding, there is no hard or fast rule that you have to wear a morning suit. A morning suit is also known as a formal day dress, and consists of a dark grey or black jacket with long tails which reach down to the back of the knees, and paired with striped grey trousers.

We tend to associate morning dress with the Royals attending the race meetings at Epsom and Ascot. Attendees at the Status Opening of Parliament are requested to wear morning suits, as are attendees at the garden parties held in the grounds of Buckingham Palace. Consequently, the morning suit comes with a strong association with elegance and class, and a decision to focus the outfits of the groom and his groomsmen around a morning suit automatically elevates the event as a whole.

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An alternative to the morning suit is the black tie – or if you are US based, you’d know it better as a tuxedo. Consisting of a black jacket and trousers, with a bow tie, it is a classic look which transcends generations and adds a touch of glamour to the proceedings. You might want to swap the black in for a white tuxedo for an extra touch of unique Hollywood-esque glamour.

Of course, the venue of the wedding may dictate what your groom’s attire will be. If you’re opting for an exotic beach wedding you may want to go a little more casual, a cream linen suit, for example, or even a shorts suit teamed up with flip flops.

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Jewellery – yes or no?

Obviously, the more formal your groom’s outfit, the less you want to distract from its elegance. A morning suit can be accessorised with traditional accompaniments – a stick pin, pocket square and buttonhole are normally all that are needed to complete the look.

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Of course, if you are in the Maldives on a beach, you are limited only by your own sartorial choices. An open collar leaves your neckline literally begging for a unique men’s necklace, but in the UK that bohemian look might seem rather more ‘déclassé’ and would look tired and jaded.

Make sure you match your jewellery to your outfit, and if it doesn’t quite fit, but is meaningful to you so you still want to wear it, then tuck it away underneath your collar.

Waistcoat – yes or no?

As much as possible, make sure you complete your outfit with a waistcoat that either matches or complements your suit as a whole. Traditionally a morning suit should be accompanied by a double-breasted waistcoat. Often, a waistcoat is an opportunity to inject a bit of personality into an otherwise ‘uniform’ suit. For example, you could choose one colour for the groom himself, and another complementary colour or design for his groomsmen and other male members of the family.

Whatever you choose, we wish you a fantastic day and a long and happy marriage!

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