Advantages of Hiring People with Disabilities

Disability Employment Services

At some point, you might have entered a coffee shop where a waiter serving you has a tag that says they have a disability. People with disabilities are the most dedicated and hardworking because they know what it feels like to struggle with day to day activities. Businesses who hire people with disabilities gain several benefits.

For companies and businesses who are looking to hire them, there are Disability Employment Services (DES) providers they can contact. This is one method of looking for a suitable person with a disability to help make the company flourish. The Disability Employment Services job does not stop there. They will continue to assist the company and the new employee in several ways GC Index.

Higher Job Retention Rates

In terms of keeping the business afloat, there’s no one better suited for the job than people with disabilities. Many studies have shown that they take fewer absences and are more likely to stay longer with the company than non-disabled workers. Employees who have disabilities have a retention rate of 1.7 years. Whereas, employees without disabilities stayed at their jobs for 0.9 years. That does not bode well for companies and businesses that need long-term employees.

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Possible Job Opportunities and Business Growth

There are roughly 2.1 million Australians between 15 to 64 years old that have disabilities and are currently working. Aside from the millions who are working, there are still some who are looking for jobs. A study conducted by the Heads Up campaign has shown customers and employees are more loyal to companies that offer and provide inclusion and diversity, and that their employees reflect the community as one.

Attract More Talent

Companies that show people with disabilities a workplace with no prejudice towards them attract more qualified individuals who have the skills and personality to move the business towards success. Diversity attracts and retains the best talent pool composed of individuals who are more engaged, productive, and motivated. This also relates to employees staying with the company for a long time. With the GC Index, you can measure the potential impact a candidate can make to an organization.

Lessen Work-related Injuries Around the Workplace

Companies must ensure that the office buildings are disabled-friendly to prevent any work-related accidents and injuries. In the worst cases, employees who get injured would sue the company due to incompetence to create a hazard-free working environment. They will never experience that when organizations build capacity for inclusion, the safety features not only help people with disabilities but also help the business become cost-effective.

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Brand Reputation 

Most people agree that organizations that treat all members of the community equally and provide a disabled-friendly working environment garner loyal customers and employees. This is important for businesses that want to make their brand known to unaware clients. Aside from the organization brand gaining traction, it also boosts the workforce’s morale when working, thus producing both qualitative and quantitative results.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

When a disabled person works with an organization, they would prefer to talk to another person with a disability because it helps them understand better what they need. This gives the organization the edge over other competitors.

If you are a company that needs help hiring a workforce composed of people with disabilities, make sure to contact organizations like DES. They are excellent at searching for potential workers who will become an asset to your business.

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