AI in human life: Understanding the impact of artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science that deals with building smart devices or machines that are capable of performing tasks that are based on human intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is doing great for humans and will keep on providing benefits to humans, but along with good, there can be adverse consequences of its use. The earlier we start finding these consequences, the better we get prepared to deal with these risks.

Everything has both positive and negative impacts on society. So AI technology can impact our life somewhere and we are going to discuss its impact in this article.

Both small and big industries are transforming their business to meet customer demands by the use of Artificial Intelligence. When we think about its need in human society, it depends. As if humans need an effective and faster way to solve their problems and to make their living far better, then the use of Artificial Intelligence is a must in human society. However, if humans are satisfied with a natural way of living and without having excessive desires to live a better life with technologies, then there is no need for Artificial Intelligence.

Multiple factors are needed to be considered when we talk about the impact of AI in human life such as its positives and negatives.

Let us first talk about its negative impact on human life:

  • Unemployment: While AI has created many jobs to create those automation machines that will do the work of humans, it also has replaced the people because all the tasks will be done by automated machines which leads to an increase in unemployed people. This is one of the main concern in human society as with the rise in artificial intelligence, most of the jobs that get automated has replaced the machinery with people. Many people have lost their jobs because organizations don’t need them anymore due to the automation of tasks by machines.


  • AI terrorism: With the increase in the use of AI and innovations coming daily, AI terrorism can be very dangerous for humanity. AI has created autonomous drones that can be used by terrorists or by attackers for threats. Our defense and law enforcement must take appropriate actions for the use of these automated drones and other equipment that can be dangerous to the human being.


  • Concerned Privacy: AI has provided many benefits to us such as gathering the information and presenting it to us at maximum speed. But where does this information come from? This is one of the ethical concerns which is raised. Various technologies that we use from smartphones to smart appliances that we use at our home can be vulnerable to AI data exploitation. Many people are not aware of the effect of the data breach that these smart devices can do and all this is because of AI.
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  • Access to data and privacy by hackers: The AI devices that we use in our daily life knows all about us and have all our data. Any unauthorized access to these devices can lead us into serious trouble. The risk to the potential threat of data is more when you are connected to the internet, but even when you decide to stay ‘disconnected’ from the internet, your privacy and data are still in danger.


  • Security Breaches: AI has evolved new security breaches with its innovations. Cyber security threats are increasing on daily basis. Innovations such as autonomous weapons are very dangerous to human society and the consequences they can produce are very disastrous. There’s no doubt that AI has increased the security level, but it also has created many security defects that can lead to the security of any country or any individual in danger.


  • Wealth Inequality: Various organizations have introduced AI to expand their business. And investors of AI will take benefit by buying a major share of the earnings of businesses. That will create wealth inequality among the rich and poor people.

There can be more negative impacts than we discussed above. But there are inevitably negative consequences of AI.

Let us now discuss its positive impact and benefits on human life:

  • Increase in Productivity: Every business wants to increase its productivity. And research showed that the use of AI in business can increase productivity and profitability by more than 30%. To make this possible the organizations must implement the use of AI in various tasks such as automating customer handling services, using AI to improve user experience on their website, and there are a variety of other ways to implement AI in an organization.


  • Human error reduction: AI works on the code, so the machinery and robots don’t get distracted by anything. So, the results that they provide are 99.99% reliable without any error. As the robots and machinery do all the tasks, there is no human intervention which removes human error in the tasks.
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  • Fast and accurate results: AI has indeed increased the speed and the accuracy of results. Robots and computers work at a very fast speed and can provide us with desired results within seconds. With a click on a single button, all the tasks are to be done just because of AI.


  • Improved UI: AI helped to improve the UI of websites by gathering information about what your visitors like and what can make them come back again to your website. With the help of AI, it can be predicted what your website visitors like and you can implement it to improve the UI.


  • Dangerous tasks made easy: AI has made various tasks easy for us which involved danger. Now with the help of robots and machines, we can explore those spaces, take snapshots of those areas where it was impossible to consider a human. Artificial intelligence is the main reason behind our success that even robots can fly space shuttle on their own and no human interaction is required to do this task.


  • Improved healthcare industry: With its new experiments and smart devices the healthcare sector is now capable of providing various facilities. AI has reduced the operating cost of operations and diagnostics. We can also see the recent example of AI which helped in managing the COVID-19 crisis and still AI is helping us to fight with COVID-19.

As we have seen the positive and negative impacts of Artificial Intelligence in human life. The impact of AI on our society is surely significant but many of the cases are still hypothetical and we’ll know more about those predictions when the time comes.

Unless we live remotely or we choose to never interact with the internet in this modern world, our life will significantly be impacted by Artificial Intelligence.

As of now, there is nothing to worry about but all we can do is to expect the benefits of AI in the future because the benefits of AI are greater than its drawbacks.

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