All you need to know about an eyelash serum

eyelash growth serum

We move to some pretty extreme lengths once it involves enhancing our looks. Even though you’re desirous to flaunt your natural lashes, results aren’t about to return long together with your best eyelash growth serum. The extent of injury to your natural lashes, gene, your habits, and even your diets can verify the speed at that your lashes will grow longer and fuller.  From injecting things into our faces to smooth wrinkles, to applying some pretty intense chemicals to our hair to allow it the curl it doesn’t have or straighten the curl it does, we’re specialists at finding ways in which to urge the fashion and appearance we need, after we want it.

Imagine that your eyelashes have big farewell and thick you truly toss your makeup tube within the trash! No, a lot of clumps, raccoon eyes, or untidy mascara remover. Sound sort of a fantasy? It’s not. There really are merchandise that may produce long, lush, mascara-free lashes!

What are the risks of using eyelash serums?

Many cilia growing merchandise works to thicken eyelashes and are usually thought-about to be safe. however, if you’ve tried over-the-counter eyelash growing products and are brooding about asking your doctor for a prescription, confirm you recognize the potential risks:

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Itchy, red eyes

Unwanted hair growth in areas the merchandise repeatedly touches

Darkening of the eyelids

Reduced eye pressure, that might mask glaucoma

Permanently accumulated iris pigmentation, which could irreversibly flip your lightweight eyes brown, particularly if your irises are hazel or green.

Tips if you plan to use lash serums

  • Apply eye cream beneath your eyes as a barrier before applying lash serum.
  • Only use every device just once and check for expiration dates; don’t use terminated lash serums!
  • Don’t use if you’ve got alternative eye connected issues like styes, macular edema, uveitis, pink eye, etcetera unless otherwise suggested by your doctor.

eyelash growth serums

How to apply eyelash serum

This is that the best part: it’s therefore easy! Daily application, typically once your nightly care cleansing routine, is the simplest and quickest thanks to see and maintain voluminous lash growth and healthy acquisition.

Lash serum merchandise application vary, from a fine, soft-bristled brush (similar to liquid eyeliner) to alter precise application, a conditioning wand to apply direct to lashes just like makeup application, or a serum dropper.

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Skin should be clean, dry and makeup-free for effective application, and whereas some products are often applied to each the higher and lower lash line, a skin test is suggested as some lower lash application will cause redness and irritation to the fragile skin below the eyes.

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