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Technology has truly changed the entire visionary people used to carry about the functioning of the world. There’s no comparison between the world we lived in today and the world 50 years ago. Technology has changed the entire landscape every word used to be performed. If we take a look around us, we can see that we are completely dependent on the functioning of technology. Technology has created an enormous impact on society as it has been working more efficiently and easier at the same time. The primary goal ab development of technology was to make a working model of efficiency by reduction of human efforts. This has made working more comfortable and convenient for a lot of people. But technology also has a platform for the growth of Cybercrimes, which has been a great concern for the entire world.

What is Cyber Crime?

The growing rate of Cybercrimes has been a great concern for individuals, groups, organizations, and sectors of national interest. Cybercrime is a form of criminal activity that is performed with the usage of a computer and networking. The growth of technology has provided a developed platform for Cybercriminals to come into the scenario, which has been extremely problematic for the entire globe. The amount of cybercrime cases has been growing rapidly, and it has already created a lot of chaos in several organizations.

Every organization produces a large amount of data and information in a single day, and keeping them safe and secure is extremely important. But with a large number of Cybercrime cases, it is extremely tough to keep the data safe. There are different types of cybercrimes that exist in society, and each of them has its own impact and damage.

Types of Cyber Crime

Different forms of Cybercrime that exist in society, but the most common Cybercrime that exists in society, is hacking. Hacking is usually an atom with everyone’s office to come across very frequently. Hacking is the form of Cybercrime, which is very frequent and the major target organizations and sectors of national interest. Hacking is basically a cybercriminal providing illegal instructions to the victim’s network to crack the loopholes and gain access to the device. On successfully cracking the loopholes, the cybercriminal as the complete access to all the data and information stored in the victims. The sole purpose of hacking someone else’s devices to steal sensitive data and information to use them for their own benefit. The biggest problem with the victim’s face after that device being hacked is that they might not have any clue that the device is hacked.

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Hacking is the biggest concern for organizations as they produce a large number of data and information in a single day. Hackers can get complete access to all the sensitive data and information of the organization and can misuse them to bring the reputation of the organization in the market to an extremely low standard. Organizations face huge losses after a hacker steals sensitive data and information.

Another form of Cybercrime, which is created a big concern for a lot of organizations, is identity theft. Identity theft is basically cyber-criminal stealing all the information about someone’s personal life like their pictures, information about the schooling, and a lot more. On successfully stealing all the required data, the cybercriminal pretends to be the person on some sort of social platform. The sole reason for identity theft is to defame the victim. This is one of the biggest threat fridge organizations face as targeted professionals lose the reputation in the market resulting in a loss for the organization.

Cyber Security  

Cybersecurity is the only solution that organizations use to tackle any kind of criminal threats over the internet. A lot of organizations to build a strong infrastructure for the cybersecurity department as it helps the organization in successful it tackling any kind of Cybercrime and develops a better security system for the organization. Cybersecurity is the most fruitful department in every organization as it provides high functionality.

The CISA Certification 

Auditing is a very crucial part of every organization, and with the arrival of technology, IT auditing has caught its pace. System auditing is one of the most primary functions that are performed in every organization. The best certification in the field of Information technology auditing is the CISA certification. This certification provides the professional with the best values in every organization. It is considered to be one of the best certifications in this field as it comes in global recognition. A professional with this certification have the ability to work for any organization all over the globe. This certification ensures that the professional is trained in the right way about the auditing processes.

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Develops your knowledge and skills 

this certification, both the knowledge and skills of the professional, as it ensures that the training is done in the best possible way. There are several things every professional will learn with this certification. Information and Systems auditing is one of the most primary topics which is taught in the training process. There are several other topics that are also taught to ensure the right skills in the professional. These topics are identification, an assessment of vulnerability, information technology management in governance, protection of information assets, and a lot more. These are the topics which cover most of the working of a professional as a field of Information Systems auditing. Every organization would look for a professional who is tin with these skills as most of the work is dependent on them.

Procedure of Exam

To get the certification, a professional has to sit for an examination of four hours. The total number of questions in the examinations is 150, and the candidate has to score a minimum of 450 marks to clear the examination. To get the certification, a professional has to sit for an examination of four hours. The total number of questions in the examinations is 150, and the candidate has to score a minimum of 450 marks to clear the examination. There is a proper division of importance of exchange examination, and according to experts, if a professional properly train with the important topics, the examination can be cleared in the first attempt itself.

The examination for CISA certification is not considered to be extremely tough but is a professional meet all the requirements to sit for the examination, and it can be one of the most beneficial certifications in the field of systems auditing.

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