Amazing Christmas STEM Activities for Kids to Learn and Enjoy

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Christmas is around the corner, and so you must be busy in all the preparations for celebrations this year. We know that this year is not the same as we expected. Sadly, we have to adjust our schedule accordingly but we are concerned about how our kids are going to spend their Christmas holidays this year.

Well, if you are, then don’t worry! We have got your back. Since the kids are not going to schools and have gained a habit of learning from home, it is the time when you must take charge! You should plan this year’s Christmas activities that are not just fun but also become a source of education.

Therefore, we have gathered some great Christmas STEM activities for kids to learn and enjoy at the same time. Have a look and make sure to try any of these with your kids to make your Christmas more joyful.

1.    Snowman Math Logic Puzzles

What a great way to turn your kids toward the interest puzzle game without worrying about whether they are going to take an interest. These Snowman Math Logic Puzzles are inspired by the Sudoku puzzle that helps the kids in building their logical thinking abilities and critical thinking skills. Moreover, the festive snowman makes it a perfect game for this holiday season!

2.    Snowflake Symmetry

You know what the best time to practice your math skills is; it is the holidays! If your kids are facing a problem in understanding symmetry then you can use this holiday time to improve their skills. Ask them to draw different snowflakes and identify the shapes.

3.    Christmas STEM Coding and Math Secret Reveals

This is the activity that allows kids to improve their coding skills. You can make a graph plot and place the codes on the x and y-axis. This way, kids can align the correct codes, which will reveal the hidden Christmas related images. It is one of the most rejoicing games that you can play this holiday.

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4.    Christmas Decoder Ornaments

Here you can spend some time with your kids and introduce them to this activity through which they can learn more. You can design some Christmas animals and things in an alignment and ask your kids to find them in a chart you form. The other chart will contain similar elements and codes written on it. This way, each time when the kids will successfully match both the elements, they will learn a new code.

5.    Ice Lantern Engineering

This is a perfect STEM activity that your kids can have fun with when the weather is in the thirties outside. Here they will need a disposable plastic cup (1 large and 1 small), water, tape, some decorations, and a battery-operated candle. Begin by attaching the decoration piece on the inner side of the large cup such as pompoms or sparkly ropes. Place the small cup inside the large one and add water to the outer side of the small cup. Freeze it by taking it outside or putting it in the freezer and lastly place the battery light in the middle, and you are good to go!

6.    Build a 3D Paper Ornament

Are you familiar with origami? Well, it is something like that! If you have bought your Christmas tree and you are waiting to buy the ornaments then don’t bother. Embrace the artists you and your kids and make your 3D ornaments. This will help your kids understand more about shapes and attachments. Nothing can be more exciting than hanging the handmade ornaments on your tree to make it look more personalized and beautiful.

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7.    Christmas Keyboard Ornament

Since you are trying to make your ornaments for the Christmas tree, how about you turn it into something more educating? While you make different things, you can hang the alphabets with which those things start. If you have an old keyboard, you can make it more interesting by breaking it apart and hanging the keys on your tree. This way, your kids will also get to learn how the keyboard is formed!

8.    Grow a Christmas Tree Math Game

You can make the concept of the Christmas tree a source of learning for your kids. You can create some exciting math problems such as; roll as dice and identify the starting number of trees. You can keep listening to the number of trees each farm has and then whoever gets the more amount of trees in their farm wins!

9.    Rudolf Races

This is one of the most fun games where your child will get to learn more about physics, weight, the law of gravity, etc. you can make Rudolfs with the help of balloons; attach paper ears, eyes, and nose. Take a straw and attach it to the top of the balloon then insert a rope through those straws and hold the edge. Leave the balloons and see which Rudolf reaches the end of the line and wins!


This holiday the only ways kids are learning new things are through these STEM activities or watching some engaging and knowledgeable shows on the TV. So if you want to make the best out of their time, you can try all these activities with them and enjoy them.

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