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The more comfortable your workplace, the more you get done on a standard working day. You know that it is important to set up a good workplace, but how do you do that exactly? In this article you can read what you should pay attention to when setting up your workplace. For example, you can read which five requirements your workplace must in any case meet in order to be able to work here pleasantly and efficiently.

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What is a workplace?

For a workplace, a distinction can be made between a flex desk and a fixed desk. A flex desk is a place in an open space that several tenants use, also known as a shared office space. This is not your regular place. The idea is the same for a workplace, except that you do have your own desk in the open workspace, also known as a dedicated desk.

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Requirement # 1: Sufficient work space

Firstly, it is very important that your new workplace offers you sufficient work space. If you work at a small desk, your workplace will be completely full in no time. With documents, but also with pens, post-its, bottles of water and so on. You can’t work well at a cluttered desk. That is why sufficient work space is very important.

Requirement # 2: sufficient storage space

You can store a lot on a large desk, but you should also not leave all your documents, post-its and office supplies on the table. If you do this, your large desk will still be very messy. That is why you not only need sufficient work space, but also sufficient storage space. Heijka Kantoormeubelen sells many different storage furniture.

Requirement # 3: a quiet environment

Is your desk spacious enough and do you have more than enough storage space, but is the environment in which you work very restless? Then you won’t get many tasks crossed off your long to-do list. Always make sure you can work in a quiet environment. Background music in the office is fine, but you shouldn’t be bothered by the sounds around you.

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Requirement # 4: a good office chair

If you work full-time, you sit almost all day. If you have a bad office chair, this is very stressful for your back. In order to optimally support your body during a long working day, invest in a good office chair.

Note: a good office chair is a must, but it is certainly also important to place this chair in the right way. Before you sit in your new chair for hours on end, adjust the chair completely to your body. With the right adjustments, the chair can optimally support your body.

Requirement # 5: the right equipment

Finally, a good workplace needs the right equipment. Think of a computer, but possibly also of a tablet, a printer and so on.Think of a computer, but possibly also of a tablet, a printer and a voip phone. Ask yourself which devices you need on a standard working day and make sure you have this equipment at home.

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