An Introduction to OSRS Sand Crabs

OSRS Sand Crabs

Here is everything you need to know about finding sand crabs in the quickest way possible.

If you have been wondering what it takes to get OSRS Sand Crabs as quickly as possible, then we have a few tips in this article on what you need to do to get them. OSRS gold isn’t what we are necessarily what we are looking for, as we need to know where they can be found. That said, if you need to buy OSRS gold, ensure that you find a website that is reputable that has OSRS gold for sale.

About OSRS Sand Crabs

Sand crabs are very similar to rock crabs in Old School Runescape, though what sets them apart is having 60 hitpoints in total. In comparison to rock crabs, they have an additional +10 boost, which is why they are a popular choice for getting experience from when training.

If you want to find sand crabs, then you can go to Zeah. Head along the coast to the south of the Hosidius house, though you won’t be able to use your cannon here as it’s not a multi-combat zone. They spawn in a hidden state and will simply appear in the sand looking like rocks. However, when you stand near to them, they will suddenly begin to attack.

Finding OSRS Sand Crabs

If you want to locate sand crabs, then you can do so in a few different ways. If you are looking to find them for the first time, then you could use either an Amulet of Glory or a Falador teleport, and take it to Draynor. Then we need to head over to Port Sarim where we can talk to Veos. You can find Veos over on the dock to the north-east. From here, we want to sail to Port Piscarillius. We mentioned earlier that you can get the sand crabs from Zeah, so once you get there, go west from the dock. Keep going to the south until you are at the beach. When you get there, you will find OSRS sand crabs all over the area for you to train with.

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Quicker Ways of Accessing OSRS Sand Crabs

Meanwhile, if you happen to have been to the Kingdom of Great Kourend before, then you could get to sand crabs a little easier. You could move your house for example, taking it to Hosidius for 8,750 OSRS gp. If you want to do this, then you need to have your construction level up to at least 25. After you have moved you house here, you can then use the house teleports to get to where the sand crabs are.

Alternatively, you can use the Fairy Ring code DJR to get to where you need to be as well, plus the Xeric’s Talisman teleport is effective too. There is also a Skill’s Necklace that can take you to the Woodcutting guild that you can take.

When you are at this location, you should try and avoid using OSRS items that can degrade. You don’t have to worry about them doing much damage to you, so you can just take any OSRS items like that to the bank nearby. You can also get additional food as well if you are going to be training here. With that in mind, you shouldn’t be wasting your OSRS gold be having OSRS items degrade when you don’t need to.

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You can also use this as an AFK training method. The crabs remain aggressive for 10-20 minutes, so all you will have to do is trigger the crabs’ aggression every 10-20 minutes. To do this, just run to the north and then return to where you were training. Make sure that you are running far enough north so that you are able to aggro the crabs again.

If you want to find a private island for your crab training, then talk with Sandicrahb. He is a tribesman from Karamja who can transport you to Crabclaw Island. You will need 10,000 OSRS gold coins for this service. If you have finished the Kourend & Kebos Diary, then this amount is halved. If you manage to compete the medium diary, then you can be ferried to the island for free.

Overall, it is a relatively easy way of training, but there are certainly easier ways of getting there that you might not have known about. Now that you know how to get to the training locations for, you should be able to train with sand crabs in no time at all, and it won’t cost you too much either from your OSRS gold.

Have you found these OSRS sand crabs? Let us know in the comments section below!

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