Aptitude test – A type of assessment to gather information about the candidate

Aptitude test

The role of HR is to hire the best people for a particular profile from the market. He needs to determine that he gets the right person on the right position. To be sure about one’s caliber is not that easy as one may not have that much time to have in-depth discussion to the candidate. To ensure the desired quality among the prospective the best way for HR is to have an aptitude test of the concerned candidate.

Before recruiting a candidate the companies with utmost care perform several tests. To select the best candidate for the job, the company designs several tests including a professional background check, and the overall success of the company entirely depends upon the team selected by them. The most important among all the tests that are conducted by the company is Aptitude Test. The recruiters get the correct idea about the overall knowledge and logical thinking ability of the candidate. During the process of this test the ability of the candidate to make the right decision can also be assessed.

Importance of Aptitude Test:

The Aptitude Test helps to view the weak areas of the candidates and provide correct information about the positive characteristic of the candidate. The insight is given through this test about the areas that are suitable for them and where they can achieve success in future. The candidates cannot skip this test when they go for interviews as this process of assessment and filtering of potential candidates is common and mandatory in all the companies. There are several job aspirants for various positions therefore screening becomes important. With this method of screening the recruiters will be able to sort the candidates at an early stage of the interview. Further with other methods the best candidate can be selected from the shortlisted potential candidates.

Accuracy of Aptitude Test:

With a correctly designed aptitude test, the overall potential of the job aspirants can be assessed by the company. While taking test of the candidate many factors are considered and this will help the recruiters to select the right person for the job. Reasoning ability and ability of the candidate to deal with the challenges at the workplace are known through this test. Communication skills of the candidate and ability to understand the script in proper manner during the test can also be known through the Aptitude Test.

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Different types of Aptitude tests are conducted to identify various abilities of the candidates. The knowledge about overall abilities of the candidates is understood by the recruiter, this will assist the organization to select the suitable candidate for the job. The Aptitude Test is helpful to the organization to great extent in the long run. With just a single interview the best candidate cannot be selected by the organization.

Format of the Aptitude Test:

Test should be designed to judge the knowledge and skills of the candidates. The designer should keep this in mind that the test must fill all the criteria because if not done properly, it will be useless. This is to judge the candidate how they can perform under any circumstances without having any training or pervious knowledge. Various companies have different aptitude test to find the best candidate among the cluster. The test also varies depending for which job profile one has applied for. Aptitude test helps the company to find the right person to fit for right place. This increases the efficiency of the company, thus increasing their profit.

Types of Aptitude test:

The questions are designed for the test in the manner that assists the recruiters to select the appropriate candidate for the job profile. The aspects that need to be considered while the process of selection is the time and overall cost included. The importance should be given on the overall performance of the test given by the candidate.

  • Analyzing the skills: The candidate has to analyze on general skills such as typing and accuracy in context to data entry jobs. Other small and different task should also be included in test according to need of the job profile of the candidates.
  • Analyzing the knowledge: The recruiter should design the test to assess the overall knowledge of the candidate. This helps the recruiter to find the best candidate for the job profile, who possesses both potential and ability to perform depending upon the knowledge of the candidate. The test saves the energy and time of the recruiter as the test for many candidates can be conducted at the same time.
  • Analyzing the ability: The mental ability of the candidate can be well known by conducting the Aptitude Test. The recruiter can get an idea about the overall ability of the candidate by conducting the test. The overall performance of the candidate is directly connected with cognitive skills during any given task. During any given situation how the candidate performs at a workplace the test provides an insight about it.
  • Personality tests: Sincere behavior, steady emotions, social interaction, obedience and discipline and considered as the most important abilities of the candidate by several companies.
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Benefits of conducting Aptitude Test:

Analyzing the overall potential of the candidate is the biggest benefit of using the Aptitude test. It helps the recruiters to choose the right job for the candidates who can deliver the best performance in the company in coming future. To assess and understand the positive aspects as well as the drawbacks of the candidates the test proves to be a very useful tool. A normal and regular interview cannot depict and identify all the areas of assessment. Aptitude has a great impact on the job performance as it determines how quickly the employees are able to learn the job, improve their role and also solve the problems in a given situation. When compared to many other selection criteria, aptitude test is considered as the better assessment. With continuous change in the business environment, the employees with high aptitudes are much preferred at workplace.

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