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Vanity is the statement piece that sets the bathroom’s mood and aesthetic. A cheap bathroom vanity can also come in various designs and instantly change the bathroom’s look. Especially, people in Australia live a very hygienic life, and a good bathroom is a must for them. For middle-class families, cheap options make it easy for hygiene yet put-together bathrooms.

What is a bathroom vanity?

A bathroom vanity is a cabinet that also holds a sink in it. This is ideal for morning brushing, washing hands, shaving or doing other personal grooming. The cabinet is used to store the grooming essentials and bathroom supplies. It is a permanent fixture in some bathrooms, and some have a corner place for it.

Types of vanities for the bathroom:

The classic bathroom vanity is rectangular with an open space below the sink, usually hiding plumbing and making room for storage. Although there is always room for some extra spice in the bathroom and with the extravagant market of ours, there is a lot of other options, like:

  1. Corner-mount: It is usually a triangular-shaped vanity in the corner. It usually has only one door for sink plumbing storage.
  2. Wall-hung: It is a simple countertop installed on the wall. These are ideal for wheelchair users because some vanities are likely of this sort.
  3. Console: This is like the vintage dressing table with a vanity and a sink top supported by legs. The space is open for plumbing purposes.
  4. Freestanding: This is placed against the wall but is not attached. This is a vintage dresser with a vessel sink.
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Vanity Size Guide:

  1. Height: The height of the vanity varies, usually from 30-36 inches in height. Lower height vanity is preferable if one has children at home or plans to go for a vessel sink.
  2. Depth: The length from the back to the front of the vanity usually varies about 21 inches. The top is generally ranging from 1-2 inches.
  3. Width: Vanities with a single sink usually vary from 30-48 inches, whereas smaller ones are available. The vanities with two sinks are generally ranging from 60-72 inches.

Material for the countertop and vanity:

  • Formica and other plastic laminates are budget-friendly options available in various colours and patterns. When it comes to durability, these are reasonably durable. In case of any stain or damage to the laminates, one can change them easily.
  • Marble, granite and others are luxurious and beautiful options that stand out. For durability and long life, sealing is done to save it.
  • Artificial solid surfaces like quartz and Corian give an elegant feel of a natural stone but offer various patterns and colours. Corian sinks and countertops can be moulded and are easy to clean. Based on one’s style preferences, one must also consider whether they want an under-mount or drop-in sink. This option may prove expensive as it is artificial yet resembles natural stone. Although, this is worth the investment as it can be customized.
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If one is looking for cheap bathroom vanities for their bathroom, they can check out the bathroom factory warehouse. They have a wide range of options to choose from—different patterns and designs. One will find a piece that will fit all their requirements and tastes. They also have cheap rates that are not heavy on one’s budget.

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