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It is wise to own a generator in your home to act as a backup in case of unexpected power outages. Mobile and towable generators are reliable sources of backup power. These two falls under the category of portable generators. Portable generators can be easily moved from one place to another. They are used for commercial and industrial applications.

These include concerts, residential buildings, construction sites, camping, sports events, and many more. They are used to light a stage or houses, help vendors power their cooking appliances, charge phones and laptops, and floodlights in homes and constructions sites. Let us discuss some benefits of using towable generators for your work.

  1. Recreational Uses

Portable generators are ideal to be used nearly anywhere. They are used for outdoor activities such as weddings, camping, and road trips, to mention a few. You can carry your generator in a recreational vehicle when going for picnics. It is used to power appliances such as a mini-refrigerator to keep your drinks and food cool.

In camps, the generator provides floodlights that flash around the campsite. One can decide to camp on the beach or forest with friends. Having a generator to power light to avoid incidents where one drowns or gets lost in forest trails. It also helps in charging phones and flashlights. It is beneficial because nobody enjoys staying out in darkness or with no charge left in their phones.

If one fancies an outdoor wedding, they have nothing to worry about. Portable generators will power systems including microphones and speakers and power fog machines. There is a lot that a portable generator can do.  Read more benefits.

  1. Emergency Power

Imagine having a business that entirely depends on electricity and experiencing an outage for a whole day. How many losses are you bound to incur? Such businesses are cyber cafes, hospitals, clinics, restaurants, and many more. When lights go out when a patient is on an operating table, what happens?

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It is typical for natural disasters such as heavy rains to cause power outages. For this same reason, most of these businesses have invested in generators. Lack of power means risking the lives of people. Hospitals cannot attempt operating without one because there are always patients being worked on daily. Laboratories also entirely depend on power.

Cybercafes where people go in to send and receive emails, photocopy, scan, or print documents. These events run daily and require you to have a backup plan if the power goes off for an extended period.

  1. Damage Prevention

Portable generators help to prevent damages. Generators are lifesavers, especially in homes, especially after buying a lot of groceries and food stored in the fridge. When there is a power outage, there is a risk of all this food rotting.

Butcheries and groceries also rely on power to keep meat and greens cool. A power outage means that all these things will rot, incurring money losses in this business. They will lose customers and will have to throw away the rotten food.

However, having a portable backup energy source saves you this ordeal. All you have to do is turn your generator on once there is an outage and things still run smoothly.

  1. Power for Appliances

Modern society relies on technology to run things around them, whether at work or in entertainment. Appliances like phones, tablets, computers, and televisions are used daily. Blackout may be for a short while, or it may last longer. Having a generator comes in handy at such times.

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They help in the continuity of running these events. These generators power these appliances. Televisions are treasured in homes as they are used as a source of information when watching the news or entertainment for kids or the whole family.

If an individual lives in an area prone to blackouts due to bad weather, they should consider investing in a generator. When there is a pandemic that has lockdown and people working from home, this investment is very beneficial.

It powers the appliances, including lights. You can efficiently work with your computers as long as the generator runs.


There are so many benefits associated with investing in generators including versatility. Mobile and towable generators are typically small in size and can be moved around easily. When using mobile or towable generators, ensure to keep it at least 10 feet away from your house or setup, which is camps or anything, to give it enough space for ventilation.

It also helps to prevent poisoning by carbon monoxide emitted from the generator. Even though they cannot power an entire home, they ensure power runs through all the essential appliances you need. As you select a portable generator before purchase, consider factors such as convenience, budget, power output, fuel type and capacity, and noise level.

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