Benefits of Using Salesforce AppExchange Apps

AppExchange app development

AppExchange is a commercial application store with more than 3000 applications (some are free, some are paid), including Salesforce integration with MailChimp, Xero, Quickbooks, DocuSign, AdobeSign, etc. More and more integrations and solutions are added every day, which is why Salesforce is the leader in CRM.

AppExchange app development helps employees across roles, departments, and industries complete their work more efficiently. These applications influence people in a variety of ways, automate tasks, integrate information and systems, and tightly integrate the system with Salesforce.

Here are the benefits of using the Salesforce AppExchange Apps.

  1. Run events more efficiently:

Planning activities may require a lot of coordination and resources. If you plan to use multiple software, spreadsheets and other systems to plan activities, it is likely to be a headache. AppExchange applications such as Fonteva Events can help assist with many elements of event planning while integrating Salesforce data.

  1. Quick integration system:

If your business runs on multiple systems, including a combination of on-premises and cloud-based solutions, they may not talk to each other, or integration is a cumbersome project. AppExchange applications such as Dell Boomi AtomSphere can help change the way your business operates, thereby saving the time and effort required to create integrations.

  1. Easily create quotes, documents and contracts without manual work:

We all know that sales representatives would rather go out and talk to potential customers and customers than go back to the office to do paperwork. AppExchange applications such as Conga Composer exclude manual data entry from the sales process, freeing up the sales team for sales work. These applications often also allow standardized templates, so your team does not need to create documents from scratch every time.

  1. Automate lead distribution and routing:

For the benefit of both sales representatives and customers, it is in everyone’s best interest to ensure that the right leads arrive at the right representatives at the right time. The AppExchange application can support sales lead routing and workflow to automatically assign sales leads based on many conditions, and even handle emergencies such as length of service or vacation time.

  1. To help service agents provide personalized customer experience:

The AppExchange application can help provide a better customer service experience in many different ways. There are applications that support omni-channel customer service, which can help provide services through SMS, real-time chat, call contact center, etc. In addition, by directly integrating with Salesforce, these applications can provide service agents with the information they need to improve customer service.

  1. Make the life of Salesforce administrators easier:

Face reality: Salesforce administrators have a lot of work, especially when they are visiting existing Salesforce customers in an attempt to reorganize the organization. However, they are lucky to use the AppExchange application. Pioneering administrators can use applications for deduplication, large-scale updates, integrated systems, reports, customizations, and more, without spending unnecessary time building from scratch.

  1. Effectively manage orders, inventory, shipping, etc.:

For manufacturers looking to switch from on-premises ERP solutions to the cloud, Salesforce can help provide a 360-degree view of customers and products. With AppExchange applications including ERP and PLM applications, manufacturers can achieve a single source of truth, simplifying the business from product development, ordering, inventory, fulfillment and reporting.

  1. Exclude the manual data entry process and spreadsheet:

One of the greatest benefits of the cross-category and cross-industry AppExchange application is that it eliminates the trouble of manually entering data, because manually entering data often takes employees hours or days. In particular, financial applications built on Salesforce can move data from spreadsheets to Salesforce, thereby reducing data entry, thereby minimizing the risks associated with data entry errors, thereby reducing potential liabilities in the organization.

  1. Project managed directly from Salesforce:

If you have managed a lot of customer experience in Salesforce, from customer acquisition to customer service and customer management, then why leave Salesforce to manage projects? The AppExchange application that specializes in project management can help you create projects from objects, initiate workflows based on triggers, centralize reports, and manage projects through the Salesforce mobile app.

  1. More effective current employees:

By assigning training modules to specific roles and tracking the progress in the Salesforce dashboard, the AppExchange app can help HR teams improve efficiency by providing Salesforce training.

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