Best Buy will no longer match prices from Newegg

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Best Buy is still a fun place to walk around and test the latest computers, televisions, and other consumer technologies, but the typical store premium keeps many people away; no, I am not paying $ 40 for an HDMI cable. Best Buy allows price matching with select retailers, but that no longer includes Newegg.

A post on the r / buildapcsales subreddit has drawn attention to Best Buy’s price match policy, which no longer lists Newegg as one of the accepted online stores:

“At the time of sale, we match the price of all local retail competitors (including their online prices) and we match the price of products shipped and sold by these major online retailers:,, Dell .com, and “.

That leaves Amazon as the only price match option for most PCs and PC hardware. Dell’s online store sells PC components, such as SSDs and graphics cards, but they are rarely for sale. Best Buy also accepts prices from local stores within a 25-mile radius.

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This is the second time this year Best Buy has reviewed its price match policy; B&H Photo & Video was delisted in April. Even though B&H brands itself as a camera store, it sells a wide variety of PC hardware and sales are common.

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