Best Islands of Maldives You Should Visit

Islands of Maldives

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There will be many options in your head, but do something special this holiday. Go to a place that is far away from the chaos. Forget about the world you’re living in and find out yourself in the middle of nature. Head towards the Maldives, because this country has got fantastic culture, beaches, greenery and most important – the islands. The famous islands of Maldives have been mentioned below:

Want some decent place to spend your days peacefully? Then Hulhumale Island is the best option for the peace-lovers. This island isn’t visited by many tourists, thus considered as the best destination for couples. Hulhumale Island is located near the capital of Maldives. Though the island is claimed to be artificial you won’t be able to find the difference. The place is covered with pine trees and the white sand looks like glitter. Dive into the seawater and enjoy the vibes of being free and wild.

Hulhumale Island has many exotic hotels for tourists. The best time to visit Hulhumale Island is from December to April. The tour can be covered within budget. Just take a cab and reach straight to paradise.

  • Vaadhoo Island

The Vaadhoo Island is comparable to paradise. In the daytime, you can enjoy under the shining sun and the warm breeze and at night you will be amazed at the bioluminescence, the seawater looks magical. The water shines like a diamond at night. Imagine sitting under the stars and enjoying such an amazing view. Simply relax and forget about all your worries.

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Try to visit between May and November. Vaadhoo Island is just 8 km away from the Male. Spend your holidays in some top-class resort and sit peacefully in the Cafes.

  • Milaidhoo

The greenery of Milaidhoo Island will amaze you. This place is hidden in the UNESCO biosphere reserve. You will be able to see the sand under the water because it’s crystal clear. You can visit Milaidhoo for some adventure and enjoy the privacy. This island of Maldives isn’t visited by many people. The boats are available for tourists, which can take you to the middle of the sea. Enjoy a candlelight dinner surrounded by blue water. Book a resort near the coastline and experience the beautiful sunrise and sunset. This place is 30 kilometres away from the Male International airport.

  • Alimatha Island

Dive into the clear water, walk on the warm and white sand; explore the aquamarine lagoons and don’t forget to visit the spa centres for some refreshing massage. Alimatha Island has exotic resorts and this place is loved by the tourists. You can simply walk around the coastline or go scuba diving. The awesome seafood available in most of the restaurants will remain in your heart forever; they are delicious and affordable too. If you’re into sport then you can try water sports. The beach bungalows are perfect for stay; at night you can enjoy a classy dinner under the sky and with candle lights. The view becomes mystical after the sunset.

  • Veligandu Island

The North Ari Atoll of Maldives has a perfect tourist’s site – the Veligandu Island. This place is covered with greenery and shimmering water. You can book a bungalow that stretches to the seashore. The stairs of your bungalow will directly lead you to the crystal clear water. Veligandu Island is a romantic destination; go for scuba diving or fishing tour. Tourists will get delicious seafood day and night. Sit under the sun and let your skin soak the heat. Enjoy the beautiful scenery from the beach.

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Visit the Maldives to enjoy your holidays. Take a break from your daily routine and get some fresh air. Try to book a resort and pack your bag as soon as possible. Don’t miss this amazing chance. The islands are more or less near the airport. The moment you land in the Maldives, you will be able to feel the holiday vibes.

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