Best Plants you can Grow for Positivity in Your PG in Hyderabad

best PG in Hyderabad

Living in a hostel or PG is not easy, apart from missing the creature comforts and the sense of belonging associated with home, most hostels and PGs are very nondescript and bland with no space for aesthetics and ambiance. While this gives you some creative freedom over the interior designing of your room or space; budget constraints, the restrictions around doing up someone else’s space and even sheer lack of effort makes you too complacent to do anything about your living conditions. However, in the right kind of living space, which brings forth your creativity, potted plants are a great way of introducing a revitalizing and tranquil aesthetic that helps you become more optimistic and productive.

If Hyderabad is about to become the next step in your career and even if you check the best PG in Hyderabad, there is always room for improvement. Imagine coming home to an assortment of beautiful greens after a long day at work or school and immediately feeling refreshed in spirit and body. Plants have a very calming effect on the mind and the presence of potted plants in co-living spaces is known to boost positive vibes. Here are some indoor plants best suited for Hyderabad’s dry and hot climate.


The succulent stems of cacti plants are perfect for Hyderabad. While these are not strictly flowering plants or conventional decorative plants, cacti have a rough, rustic aesthetic to them which makes them perfect for a PG setting. There are many varieties of cacti and you should pick one that fits your living space. Cacti are also quite sturdy and do not require a lot of care.

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Aloe Vera

The plants that all mothers swear by, Aloe Vera is very low-maintenance and serves a practical purpose along with enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any place. The sap of Aloe Vera leaves is very good for a number of skin ailments and it can also be ingested for stomach problems. Aloe Vera only requires deep watering every once in a while.

Bamboo Palm

Another popular potted plant, the bamboo palm also serves a very useful practical purpose; air purification. It can clear out a lot of damaging chemicals from the air which makes it perfect for indoor pots. The plant does not require a lot of sunlight and is quite sturdy. The bamboo plant does require regular trimming and clipping since it can reach heights of up to ten feet. A little bit of maintenance and these beautiful fronded leaves can last a long time.

Spider Plant

Much like bamboo palms, spider plants also filter the air, getting rid of dangerous fumes and chemicals. While this might sound like reason enough to buy the plant, their aesthetic appeal and maintenance make them perfect for PGs and hostels in Hyderabad. The long, fronded leaves are beautiful to look at and the plant can survive in small pots, making them perfect for indoor décor.

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Decorating your room or living area adds a bit of your personality to it. Customizing it according to your sense of style or aesthetics adds flavor and substance to the area, apart from giving a feeling of comfort. You can only do this in a PG or hostel that feels like home to you; a space that offers warmth, a second home in the city. Professionally managed accommodation like Stanza Living already factor in this requirement, that’s why their spaces are aesthetically designed, with well-appointed, bright furniture, and relaxing yet fun color schemes. They offer all creature comforts while providing a secure and nurturing environment that induces positivity and productivity. If you are looking for accommodation that you can call home for the duration of your stay in Hyderabad, choose a professionally managed hostel or PG.

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