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Many brands and products often use QR codes and Barcodes on their product’s packaging and promotional materials. It helps customers to access the product’s information easily. There are many best QR code scanner apps that easily scan QR codes. For barcodes, barcode scanner apps are also available.

So, this article shares a curated list of best scanner apps that gives you clear and high-quality scanned codes. There are tonnes of options to choose from but we have carefully selected the best QR code scanner apps for Android devices( also the best barcode scanner apps for Android) to help you save time.

Top 5 QR Code And Barcode Scanner Apps Of 2020:

At times we need to scan a QR code instantly to get insight into the product’s details. Installing the best QR code scanner apps helps us do that easily. Similarly, barcode scanner apps scan barcodes in no time.


FlashScan is one of the best Qr code scanner apps that offer various features. Let’s have a look at its functionalities.

  • It generates clear sharp and high quality scans in no time. All documents are scan-able with it.
  • It is the best QR code scanner app for android. It also scans barcodes.
  • Sharing codes with friends is easy with this barcode scanner app for Android.
  • The built-in OCR tool is a professional feature. It identifies text in any image. If you are not satisfied with the current conversion of text you can re-scan multiple times to produce the most satisfying scans.
  • Frequently we want to translate texts in other languages. FlashScan is your one-stop solution. The OCR also offers translation assistance. It instantly translates recognized text from English to many other languages.
  • You can save it as a plain text file or can share it with buddies and business-buyers.
  • FlashScan offers different professional filters to enhance your scanning results.
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Download For Android


Next in the list of best scanner apps is the MasterScan. It is one of the best QR code scanner apps for iOS devices. You can also use it as a barcode scanner app

  • The user-friendly interface is simple and anyone can handle the app without any special efforts.
  • It scans all types of documents.
  • Once you are done with scanning, you can even digitize your papers in PDFs.
  • The OCr feature of this app is a brilliant It recognizes text and translates it into many languages.
  • It is the best QR code scanner app. You can scan codes easily with MasterScan.
  • It also scans Barcodes. This barcode scanner app lets you share codes easily.
  • Use the brilliant post-scan filters for best results.
  • Offers easy document sorting and handy access to frequently used documents.
  • You can anytime share, save, rename and delete any files and folders.

Download For iOS

QR Code reader:

Do you need an exclusive app for QR code reading? Well, this one is your right pick. It is one of the best QR code scanner apps that dedicatedly work only for QR codes.

  • it offers the best decode speed.
  • It allows you to encrypt private information, generates codes for messages, email, phone numbers, location, and lets you share with friends.
  • You can create a QR code for a small text or for the web link.
  • Lets you create QR directly from the contacts.
  • Generate QR code for the information you want to send to your friends or relatives.
  • Offers easy navigation and straightforward interface.
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QR And Barcode Scanner:

This barcode scanner app also scans QR codes. It is the best scanner app that offers multiple functionalities. These features excel the app in the list of QR code scanner apps for android.

  • Best QR code scanner apps for Android devices. It reads the codes quickly.
  • Lets you scan all common barcode formats: QR, Data Matrix, Aztec, UPC, EAN, Code 39.
  • The facility of saving QR history, barcode history, filter support and search your document tool makes it one of the best barcode scanner apps for android.
  • It offers fast scanning of barcodes and QR codes.

QR And Barcode Reader:

  • You can anytime scan and manage spreadsheets in excel file.
  • Lets you create QR codes and clean Barcodes.
  • Easy to use app with simple navigation.


QR and Barcodes lets us know if any special promotional offers are going on. Scanning such codes with the best scanner apps is the simplest way to visit the webpage of particular products and their details. Use the barcode scanner apps to simplify scanning.

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