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While looking for a house, you quickly get lost in all your favorite houses. Where was that one corner house again? And where did that spacious house just outside the center go again? Make sure you keep an overview.

Using bookmarks is a handy way to make a list. Create a folder and place it in your bookmarks bar. Then you place all your bookmarks of houses that you want to keep in that folder.

Do you also want to immediately place a number of properties in that overview? Then use Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. This way you not only have an overview of your favorite houses, but you also see at a glance what the most important characteristics of those houses are. Are you not much of a fan of bookmarks or spreadsheets? Then use the Pocket app, a handy way to always save a page with one click. You can tag the pages immediately, so you can easily search within your saved pages. If you also put the app on your phone, you have direct access to your favorite houses or useful pages everywhere.

Estate agents also offer their homes directly. They are not always available on other websites. Therefore, make an inventory of a number of brokers who are active within the region in which you are looking for a house and keep an eye on their websites like Linda Peltz Realtor – eXp Realty.

Social media

Do not forget to tell all your friends, family, acquaintances and colleagues that you are looking for and what you are looking for. You can of course do that ‘in real life’, but via social media you can reach many people at the same time with little effort. In addition, people can share your message and thus bring it to the attention of even more people.

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Not all social media sites are suitable for this. For example, these kinds of messages are much less common on LinkedIn than on Facebook. In general, the more fun and visual you insert your message, the more people will pay attention to your message.

Extra tip: social media sites are increasingly functioning as a search engine. So it’s definitely worth your while to search Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram as well. Also remember that people who sell their house do that
more and more often via social media. Search hashtags, search for relevant accounts or groups, follow brokers, etc.

Make it routine

Persistence wins, you already know that open door. But persistence does not only mean that you persist, but also that you search a lot and often. Make it routine. For example, every morning before you start working and
an hour every evening after dinner. It may just be that you search almost every day, but that your dream house just came by on that day when you didn’t feel like it.

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Extra tip: if necessary, put it in your agenda or your to-do list for a while. Until it is part of your daily routine and you never forget a day to search.

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