CallHippo vs Aircall: Which VoIP Phone Is Best?

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Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is an essential part of every call center business operations. VoIP allows you to make calls over the internet rather than a typical phone line, thereby reducing your costs.

VoIP can help you save 90% on international calls, 75% on operational costs, 40% on local calls, and 30% on phone bills. In short, you will save $1200 for each phone line you have.

However, when it comes to choosing a VoIP, the two most popular names that come up frequently are CallHippo and Aircall. To make things easier for you, we have created a thorough comparison of the offerings of CallHippo and Aircall.

CallHippo vs Aircall: A Quick Overview

CallHippo is an on-demand VoIP service provider that allows businesses to buy instant local support numbers from more than 50+ countries. CallHippo has created its cloud telephony solutions based on the current market needs and customer behavior.


Owing to its cost-effective price, CallHippo has become the go-to choice for startups and small businesses. The primary features of CallHippo include productivity tracker, activity feed, and sales script designing.

On the other hand, Aircall is designed for customer support and sales team alike. It allows businesses to get phone numbers in 30 countries and forward calls easily across their team members.


Aircall’s analytics and real-time reporting enable call center managers to make data-driven decisions. The primary features of Aircall include interactive voice response, shared call inbox, and call queuing.

Out of the two VoIP systems, CallHippo is my favorite because it offers a cost-effective solution to businesses and has a productivity tracker to boost your call center’s efficiency.

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Unique Features of CallHippo and Aircall

Though both CallHippo and Aircall offer the same service, i.e., VoIP solutions, they have several features that make them different from each other.

CallHippo Features

When it comes to VoIP systems, there’s no alternative to CallHippo, especially when it comes to its features.

Apart from general features like auto dialer, call center management, call monitoring, interactive voice response, predictive dialer, call recording, and analytics, CallHippo has:

  • Impeccable mobile app: CallHippo’s mobile app is feature-rich and easy to use. The app enables your employees to gain the mobility to work from anywhere.
  • CRM integration: No other VoIP service offers as many CRM integrations as CallHippo. It supports over 100+ tools, including Zoho, Zendesk, PipeDrive, HubSpot, and Slack.
  • No minimum user requirement: There is no minimum user requirement to avail CallHippo services. A single user can also use its service, which is great for startups and small businesses.
  • Predictive dialer: It predicts when the agent will be free to take a call and dials a number automatically on the representative’s behalf, thereby increasing productivity.

Aircall Features

Apart from general features like call scheduling, call logging, call routing, interactive voice response, manual dialer, voice mail, and contact management, Aircall has:

  • Progressive dialer: It dials a number as soon as the agent indicates his/her availability to handle the next call. It ensures that the agent is ready to take the next call, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Queue management: It helps reduce the time spent by a caller in the queue. It also decreases call abandonment rates.
  • Web conferencing: Does your call often consist of multiple people? Aircall offers a conferencing feature to ensure you can add as many people as you like.

Winner: As you can see, CallHippo has more unique features and

Reporting and Analytics: CallHippo vs Aircall

Analytics is something that can help you transform your business and improve your bottom line profit. It also enables you to identify the way your agents are interacting with clients.

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Here is an overview of things you can track in CallHippo:

  • Number of inbound and outbound calls
  • Call time and location
  • Conversion details to help sales and marketing teams get a holistic picture of how their strategy is performing
  • Analyze specific keywords and catchphrases in conversations
  • Average call length and volume


Here is an overview of things you can track in Aircall:

  • Inbound and outbound call data
  • Time spent on inbound and outbound calls
  • The percent of missed calls out of total inbound calls received
  • The percent of voicemails
  • The average waiting time
  • The average duration of calls
  • The average number of calls per user

Winner: In my opinion, CallHippo is the winner because it allows you to analyze conversion details and catchphrases in conversations. Both of which can help you enhance your business processes over time.

Pricing: CallHippo vs Aircall

As mentioned above, CallHippo is the most cost-effective VoIP out there. Here is a detailed comparison of CallHippo and Aircall’s pricing.

CallHippo Pricing

  • Bronze: $18/user/month
  • Silver: $24/user/month
  • Platinum: $40/user/month
  • Enterprise: You will have to contact CallHippo for a custom quote


Aircall Pricing

    • Essentials: $30/user/month
    • Professional: $50/user/month
    • Custom: You will have to contact Aircall for a custom quote


Winner: CallHippo is a clear winner because it has affordable plans and provides more features than Aircall.

The Verdict: Who is the Winner?

When it comes to choosing one VoIP solution provider between CallHippo and Aircall, CallHippo is a better choice. It offers affordable plans, more features, and better value for money. Aircall, on the other hand, offers features like progressive dialer and conferencing.

In the end, it’s all about what you, as a business, are looking for in a VoIP system. Make sure to check out all the service providers’ features before you make the final decision.

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