Can You Safely Charge A Golf Cart Inside Garage?


Many people charge their golf carts inside the garage, but it can have numerous side effects. You may be wondering– is it safe to charge your cart inside the garage at all? Well, you can check out for such answers.

Fire departments receive a high number of calls from homeowners that involve carbon monoxide detectors and golf carts for sale near me. There are reasons which you might be ignorant of.

What’s The Trouble?

When a golf cart is charging, it releases hydrogen gas. If the gas doesn’t find any place to go, it builds up inside the garage and sets off the smoke alarm. Hydrogen gas is also extraordinarily inflammable, and an ignition source nearby can spell disaster. Moreover, if you have a small garage without any ventilation, you could be potentially sitting on a ticking time bomb. Search the internet for and find important safety information that would be extremely helpful.

Don’t Leave Batteries Unplugged.

It would help if you didn’t charge batteries longer than recommended. While it is always better to blame golf carts outside, you can do it inside, leaving the windows and doors open. Always use a carbon monoxide detector at home while charging your cart.

Overcharged batteries, when coming in contact with electric sparks, can cause the battery to explode. Caustic sulfuric acid might release, causing dangerous side-effects.

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You should always comply with maintenance tips given inside the manufacturer’s warranty. Please don’t leave your golf carts plugged in. It will lower the longevity of your batteries, so unplug it once fully charged. Go to and follow the full recommended schedule.

Maintenance Tips For Golf Cart Batteries

While you shouldn’t charge cart batteries inside your garage, there are some safety tips that you should maintain to prolong its life. It will keep your batteries in excellent condition irrespective of the model you purchase.

Don’t Let The Battery Die.

You need to take care of the charging frequency of your golf batteries. If you don’t drain your batteries and charge at the midpoint, you will lose out on power. Golf cart batteries worked best when they drained. Use your machine a full day and then give it a reasonable charge. If you want more improvement tips, follow

Don’t Charge It For Too Long.

If you are using an automatic golf cart, hook up the battery and let it charge overnight. But for manual chargers, remove the power socket once the indicator shows full charge. Automatic chargers are simpler to use, but using them for too long will break the internal cells.

Never Use A Wrong Charger

Some people tend to use different chargers for golf carts. It is the wrong thing to do and is the best way to break your batteries. Several issues might crop up, like breaking down the internal cells, overheating the battery, or a possible fire hazard. Always use a charger meant for your golf cart and avoid potential damages.

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Wipe Down The Battery

Wiping down a battery has many possible benefits. When you are cleaning a battery, you are looking at the internal functions and inspecting them. It will also help you guess the corrosion and correct the defect when it grows out of control.

Don’t Overlook The Water Aspect.

Golf cart batteries depend on the water level to keep up the water flow. The battery will break down, and it won’t be easy to start. Always use distilled water if the level of water is too low. The battery will last longer if the resources continue to charge.

Unplug Any Accessories

It’s not feasible to leave the accessories plugged-in to your golf cart. It will drain out the batteries and shut off the accessories upon ignition level. If you wish to search for more information regarding proper use, visit

Essential Things You Must Avoid

There are some essential things you must avoid to store your golf cart batteries effectively.

  • Store batteries in a dry place and away from heat
  • Monitor the gravity or voltage of the battery when the charge drops below 70%
  • Avoid freezing temperatures when storing batteries because it results in irreparable damage to the plates.
  • Don’t leave the battery plugged-in during winter. It can permanently damage your golf cart batteries.

Golf cart batteries work best on bare surfaces, and while some golf carts have high speeds but avoid bumpy roads, hilly terrains, and uphill areas. Golf cart batteries typically last for 90 minutes on a full charge. Consult the pros or go online to for the most valued solutions.

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