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If you own a smartphone and have an internet connection, then you are generating data every day – be it checking Instagram, ordering food, using Google Maps, or transferring money through net banking. There are millions like you who do it on a daily basis and share their personal data with different mobile apps and websites. But, is that data safe with them? Can any company guarantee that their collected data is fully secure? Probably not! It is because of the highly talented people like ‘hackers’ or ‘malicious hackers’ to be precise. Such people always look for opportunities to break into the safest of systems and compromise the sensitive data of an organization. More often than not, malicious hackers do so for financial gains.

So, is it to be believed that we cannot prevent our systems from cyberattacks? Of course, we can – by hiring cyber security professionals. Contrary to malicious hackers, cyber security professionals aim to secure systems and networks by looking for loopholes and vulnerabilities before they get exploited by malicious hackers. As cyberattacks keep on rising with every passing day, the demand for skilled cyber security experts is high across all countries. Moreover, companies look for certified professionals to fill their cyber security job positions. Certifications like CompTIA Security+ certification, CISSP, and CEH are among the most popular ones that companies rely on to find the right candidate.

This article particularly focuses on CompTIA Security+ certification in Riyadh, the benefits of this certification for your cyber security career, and how taking Comptia Security+ Certification can help.

CompTIA Security+ Certification

Not everyone thinks of a career in IT security instantly. Lately, if you do, then CompTIA Security+ certification is the best credential to begin with. It is a global certification that demonstrates the baseline skills candidates need to perform core security functions and succeed in an IT security career. The certification focuses on imparting hands-on practical skills so that the professional is able to handle a variety of issues.

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Experts choose Security+ over other certifications for DoD 8570 compliance and are ideal for job roles like Junior IT auditor, penetration tester, system administrator, security engineer, security consultant, network administrator, and security administrator. While applying for any of these roles, the certification will help you develop the core knowledge and problem-solving skills and how to address security incidents. Some of the important concepts that you’ll master include the latest trends and techniques in risk management, risk mitigation, intrusion detection, and threat management.

One needs to pass the CompTIA Security+ exam SY0-501 (SY0-601 launching in November, 2020) to earn this valuable credential. It consists of a maximum of 90 questions of multiple choice and performance-based format. The exam duration is 90 minutes and candidates need to score at least 750 (on a scale of 100-900) to pass it.

The exam will ensure that you are skilled in the following broad areas:

  • Threats, Attacks, and Vulnerabilities
  • Technologies and Tools (to install, configure, and deploy network components)
  • Architecture and Design
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Risk Management
  • Cryptography and PKI

A new version of the exam SY0-601 is to be released in November 2020. The current exam SY-501 will retire by July 2021. The new version of the exam would focus more on monitoring and securing hybrid environments that include cloud, mobile, and IoT; operating with an awareness of applicable laws and policies, risk, and compliance; recommending and implementing appropriate security solutions.

Benefits of Achieving the CompTIA Security+ Certification

You are now aware of what Security+ certification is all about. You should now know the benefits of adding this credential to your resume.

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CompTIA certifications are highly recognized

CompTIA is a world’s leading tech association whose certification programs set industry standards, foster skill development, and generate knowledge and insights every day. The organization boasts of awarding more than 2.7 million certifications in the field of cyber security, networking, tech support, and cloud computing. CompTIA Security+ is compliant with ISO 17024 standards and approved by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) to meet directive 8140/8570.01-M requirements.

Demonstrate your cyber security skills

The Security+ certification shows to the employers your seriousness about the career and willingness to develop the industry standard skills. Your credibility will be better than your peers and according to IDC, around 96 percent of HR managers use IT certifications as screening or hiring criteria for the recruitment process.

Enhances your career prospects

CompTIA Security+ is the best way you can start your cyber security career. The credential will help you progress in your career faster as certified individuals are more likely to be promoted than non-certified employees. Your chances of working with established companies would increase and you can expect to have better career growth.

Trusted by companies worldwide

The Security+ certification is recognized globally and many big companies rely on it to fill their open positions in cyber security. Some popular names that look for Security+ certification in hiring include Brotherhood Mutual, Northrop Grumman, Modern technology Solutions Inc (MTSI), The Joint Commission, and Agile Defense.

Bottom Line

With such compelling benefits, you shouldn’t wait anymore to get certified. You can take up an online training course to prepare for the Security+ exam. There are many reputed training providers who offer best-in-class course materials and instructor-led training to help you pass the exam in one go. The career benefits that you will achieve later are immense and you will not regret putting your time and effort in Security+ training.

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