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Working in the warehouse business necessitates possessing a forklift licence, which is a desirable qualification that companies look for when hiring new employees. Because of the licence, the individual is more adaptable, needs less training, and is less prone to occupational injuries and accidents than other employees. As a result, forklift training and certification are needed, as mandated by federal and state regulations. To get your forklift licence in Brisbane, you may complete your training and assessment right here in Mackay, after which you can submit an application to WorkSafe Queensland for a forklift licence. As a result of the many advantages that accompany certification and training, this is vital to employers and workers and the organisation.

The following are the top 10 advantages of acquiring a forklift licence in the United States.


When a company hires forklift operators in Brisbane who is highly trained and experienced, they may avoid the regrettable damages, accidents, and injury expenses from novice forklift operations. The most reliable method of building a safe system in the workplace is to hire forklift operators who have received proper training. This has the potential to save your organisation a significant amount of money regularly.

Increases the level of occupational safety

Accidents, injuries, and diseases cause chaos inside an organisation and negatively influence the overall workforce. Employees’ reputation is damaged by missed workdays, retraining and compensation expenditures, and low-quality goods, which harms sales. The use of forklift licence in Brisbane and forklift training may help to improve the safety of the workplace.

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Here are accident statistics that will drive any occupational health and safety officer to enrol in the finest forklift training available in the country. Please keep in mind that the numbers shown below are based on information from Brisbane.

  • Every year, around 85 people are killed by forklifts.
  • Forklift accidents resulting in severe injury occur in 34,900 instances every year.
  • According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, forklift accidents cause 61,800 non-serious injuries each year.
  • Overturning of a forklift is the most prevalent incidence, accounting for 24 per cent of all forklift-related fatalities and injuries.
  • According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), if firms followed more severe training procedures, around 70 per cent of forklift accidents in the United States might be avoided or minimised.

Increases workplace morale and decreases stress.

Companies in Brisbane that prioritise employee health and safety while also providing appropriate regular training increase staff morale and productivity. Organisations that place a strong emphasis on these characteristics consistently outperform their peers in terms of financial success. It follows that workers will be more pleased and productive, contributing to improved staff retention rates and an overall higher level of service quality.

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It is possible to lower your maintenance expenditures.

Forklifts are costly machinery, and as a result, they need to develop a practical strategy for their operation and maintenance. In the worst-case scenario, handling them negligently results in expensive preventive maintenance expenses, accidents, and personal injury. Not only that, but who has the time to consult with attorneys concerning injury claims arising from workplace incidents?

Such expenses can deplete an organisation’s income in an unforeseen manner, possibly leading to its closure. Numerous industrial accidents are avoided if the personnel is appropriately taught and has the necessary abilities to handle forklifts and other heavy machines. As a result, organisations in Brisbane must examine how to teach their personnel effectively since the costs of repairing costly equipment outweigh the expenses of training by a factor of many.

Insurance premiums are being reduced.

When accidents and serious injuries occur at work, the organisation’s insurance carrier assumes responsibility for the related medical expenses and pays them out of pocket. When workplace safety training and effective recruiting are implemented, occupational injuries and accidents are reduced. This will reduce the number of premiums you have to pay each year to ensure the safety of your workplace.

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