Choose the Perfect Mouse Pad for Your works Needs

Choose the Perfect Mouse Pad for Your works Needs

The most important things to look for in a mouse pad are the right material, the right size, the right surface, the right thickness, and the right design.

And this complete guide will teach you all these little things so you can use the best custom mouse pad to mouse your way to victory.

The Material (Matter of Feel)

How well a mouse pad works for gaming depends a lot on the material it is made of. There are many kinds of materials used to make mouse pads. For example, glass, cloth, silicon, and aluminum There are usually two kinds: soft pads and hard pads.

Soft MousePads

Soft mouse mats are often called cloth mouse pads as well. because fabric and soft foam are used to make it. Because they are made of cloth, they are easy to roll up and take with you. In the same way, they put a pad under the mouse so that people can rest their wrists on it.

Soft mouse pads also make it easier to move the mouse. Higher friction makes your mouse move more precisely by making it slide on the mat. So, when you play FPS games like Call of Duty, Overwatch, or Apex Legends, you will have more control.

Also, moving the mouse over a soft surface makes less noise than moving it over a hard surface. Most of the time, people choose cloth because it is comfortable and easy to carry. Soft mouse pads also prevent mouse feet from wearing out as quickly. This may seem strange, but it does. Soft mats, on the other hand, need to be changed or replaced every 5 to 6 months because they wear out.

In the same way, it’s a little harder to clean the fabric. They pick up dust and other small bits of dirt that get stuck in their empty spaces and need to be brushed off. As was already said, more friction gives you more control, but it also slows the mouse down when you move it. So, if you want to move your mouse quickly and with as little effort as possible, you should use soft materials.

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Hard MousePads

Hard mouse mats are made from smooth, solid materials like plastic or aluminum. Is it better to use a hard mousepad? These are usually good for games where speed is the most important thing. Because of this, your mouse will move farther with much less force.

Laser mice have sensors that work with lasers. They can pick up too much information, like the reflection of a single thread of fabric. But this problem doesn’t really happen on hard surfaces because the sensor doesn’t have any trouble with them.

Even though hard surfaces don’t give your arm any comfort, you may have chosen a soft mouse pad because of this. Also, hard surfaces can’t be folded up to make them easier to carry.

In the same way, you can hear some of the noise as your mouse moves across the surface, which could be annoying for a long time. Hard pads might also be a little unsettling because, if they are made of aluminum, they might feel cold when you touch them. So, it’s all about how you feel.

Since there is no padding, a hard mouse pad can make you feel uncomfortable or tired after long periods of gaming. Your mouse feet will also wear out faster on hard gaming mouse pads than on soft ones.

But they are easy to clean. All you have to do is wipe the pad’s surface with a damp cloth and let it dry for a few seconds. Yes, you’re done. The fact that they don’t get wet makes them a great choice for gamers who play for a long time and get sweaty palms.

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Mouse Pad Size (Matter of Footprint)

Mouse pads take up space, which you can use to your advantage. You should ask, “What size mouse pad should I get?” Most things come in four sizes: long, big, medium, and small.

Most gamers like mouse pads that are big enough for the mouse to move through and on. Also, larger mouse mats work for all kinds of grips, like the claw, fingertip, or palm.

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Large mouse pads are also a better choice for low-DPI, high-sensitivity gaming mice. In FPS games, having a low DP gives you better control when moving or aiming at targets.

Not every gamer, though, needs a big mouse mat. Small or medium-sized mouse pads work well in this case. They’re pretty good, and if you have a gaming mouse with a high DPI, you’ll find it easy to play the game.

You can play games with a small or medium-sized mouse pad and a high-DPI gaming mouse. This is because a high DPI means that the mouse cursor moves a longer distance on the screen even when you only move the mouse a short distance.

Also, those small or medium mouse pads are small enough to fit on top of almost any gaming desk. If you plan to attend a LAN party or sports event, you can also bring a small mouse pad with you.

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