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If you’re living in a small apartment in a big city, it might feel like there’s no room to breathe. Luckily, we’ve got some great design ideas that’ll help you make the most of your space apartments for rent in buffalo ny.

Small apartments are the norm in big cities.

Apartments are much smaller in cities, and more expensive. It’s the norm! If you’re looking for a place to live, an apartment is a smart choice. Just find the place with the best town planning to live in.

In this article we’ll explore some ways you can make your small space look bigger and more luxurious, no matter where you live:

Get creative with your storage.

  • Use all the space you have. This can be difficult in a small apartment, but it’s still worth a try. You might be surprised to find that you have more storage capacity than you thought!
  • Use vertical space. There’s a lot of unused vertical space in most small city apartments—the walls are just begging for some shelving or cabinets! If your home has high ceilings and no windows, consider installing a loft bed or lofting the lower bed to create even more room for storage underneath.
  • Get creative with hidden storage. Hidden storage is great for any type of living situation and doesn’t take up any extra floor space; however, if your apartment has low ceilings then consider using containers rather than boxes (which may poke out) when creating this kind of system so things look nice and neat when they’re not being used as well as keeping everything organized within each container itself (like putting stuff like clothes into an old dresser). Just make sure whatever container(s) you choose don’t block any light coming into where they’re located either by having them near windows or other places where natural light comes through often such as an open doorway connecting two rooms during daytime hours.”

Hide the kitchen.

  • Hide the kitchen behind a wall or in a closet
  • Put your kitchen up high
  • Put your kitchen down low
  • Put your kitchen in the bathroom (or other room with high ceilings)
  • Put your kitchen in the hallway (or other small space that’s already being used as storage space)
  • Put your kitchen in the bedroom (if you don’t mind sleeping on top of it)
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Go for glass.

Glass is a versatile, beautiful material that can be used in many different ways. The first thing to consider when deciding whether or not you want glass in your apartment is whether it will add value to your space. If you have an open floor plan and are looking for a way to create the illusion of more space, glass might be the perfect choice for you! Glass panels can also help bring natural light into dark corners and small rooms, making them feel larger than they are. You can even opt for frosted or tinted glass if privacy is important to you—or go with clear panes if there are already windows on each side of what would otherwise be an enclosed room (like within a bathroom).

The second thing to keep in mind when choosing between having an opaque wall vs one made entirely out of glass is how much heat it will retain inside your home during warmer months—or conversely how cold those same walls could get during colder seasons. If this isn’t something that concerns then there are plenty more reasons why using this material throughout any given space might work well:

Don’t be afraid of color.

While it may be tempting to stick with neutral colors like white and gray, don’t be afraid to use color. Color is a great way to add warmth and contrast when decorating your apartment. You might not even have to paint anything; just using different shades of the same color will give off a similar effect.

When it comes to choosing an accent or focal point wall color, think about what you want the room’s purpose (or feel) to be. For example:

  • If you’re having guests over often, choose something bright and cheerful like yellow or blue so they’ll feel welcomed into your space.
  • If you’re trying out some new habits in your life (like going vegan), try painting one wall orange-red—it’s sure to draw attention! It also has symbolic meaning as well–the red of blood represents passion for life-affirming activities such as new diets/visions for yourself.”

Keep it clean and classic.

The trick to making a small space feel larger is to keep the overall design simple and clean. Using neutral colors, classic furniture, decor, and clean lines can help you do just that. Visit this granny flat designs in Lennox Head for example.

  • Paint the walls white or cream to make them feel wider.
  • Choose furniture that is simple and timeless—like a classic sofa in an armless style, paired with some modern chairs for contrast—so that it will be easy to move around when needed but also look good enough to stay put most of the time!
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Have fun with small spaces.

The first step to making a small space feel bigger is to use your imagination. Look around you, and take stock of what you have in your apartment. Then think about how it can be used differently or creatively to give the illusion of more space than there is. For example, instead of using two separate chairs, try putting two different colored cushions on one chair so that it looks like you have two chairs when they’re sitting side by side.

Another way to make a small space seem larger is by using color, pattern, and texture—they’ll help distract from the fact that there’s less room for furniture than in larger apartments! Add some fun pillows and blankets on top of your bed for instance; or paint one wall bright yellow so that no matter where someone sits in the room, their eyes will go straight towards it (this works especially well when combined with mirrors).

You can also use plants as decor items: bring in some greenery from outside by placing small potted plants around the house for a fresh look every day – this works especially well if you live near an arboretum or community garden because then it’s easy!

Many of these design ideas can be incorporated into any home, not just apartments.

Many of these design ideas can be incorporated into any home, not just apartments. The reason why we’ve chosen to focus on small city apartments is that they tend to have limited space, but the same principles apply to larger spaces.


If you’re thinking about renovating your apartment, why not try some of these design ideas? They’re easy to implement and can help make your space more functional and enjoyable. The best thing about small apartments is that they can be transformed into anything from cozy cocoons to stylish showpieces in just a few steps—so if you’re looking for a way out of living in an impersonal shoebox, consider making one of these changes today!

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